Unseen passage for Class 3 CBSE

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Unseen Passage for Class 3 is the reading and comprehension section of the CBSE English exam. Our unseen passage collection will help you ace it with ease.

Unseen passage 01 - Class 3

Emma eagerly observed as the moving van pulled up in front of the house next door. Excitement filled her as she imagined having new neighbors to play with. The house had been empty for months, and Emma had been hoping for a friend her age to move in.

After the van doors opened, Emma's heart sank a little when she saw an older couple stepping out. Her mom, noticing Emma's disappointment, gently explained that they were probably retired. Emma's hope of finding a new friend seemed to fade away.

Feeling dejected, Emma retreated to her room and lay on her bed, contemplating the long and boring summer ahead. As the only kid her age in the neighborhood, she couldn't help but feel lonely.

Just then, a knock on the partially open door interrupted Emma's thoughts. It was her mom, inviting her to join her in welcoming the new neighbors. Emma wasn't particularly excited but decided to accompany her mom anyway.

Walking next door, Emma's eyes widened when a young girl stepped out onto the porch and bumped right into her. The girl introduced herself as Olivia, explaining that she was helping her grandparents unpack. Emma's disappointment quickly turned into a glimmer of hope as she realized Olivia was the same age as her.

As Emma and Olivia chatted, Olivia's grandparents joined them. Emma's mom suggested that Emma could show Olivia around the neighborhood since they were the same age. Mrs. Anderson, Olivia's grandmother, expressed gratitude and shared that Olivia spent most weekends with them. She also mentioned that Olivia's grandparents loved telling great stories.

Emma agreed to keep an eye on Olivia's grandparents and felt a sense of responsibility and excitement at the prospect of hearing their captivating stories. As they bid farewell, Emma's mom extended an invitation for a tea and cake get-together, hoping to foster new friendships.

Walking back home, Emma realized that the new neighbors, though not exactly what she had expected, might turn out to be perfect after all. She was excited about the possibility of having a new friend in Olivia and cherished the prospect of listening to the grandparents' fascinating tales.

Q1) Who is Emma hoping to find as her new neighbor?

a) A retired couple b) Olivia c) A friend her age d) Mrs. Anderson

Answer: c)

Q2) Why does Emma feel dejected when the older couple steps out of the moving van?

a) The couple seems unfriendly b) Emma's mom tells her they are retired c) Emma realizes they have no children d) Emma wanted someone younger as her neighbor

Answer: d)

Q3) What does Mrs. Anderson mention about Olivia's grandparents?

a) They have fascinating stories b) They often go on vacations c) They are not friendly with their neighbors d) They prefer to stay indoors

Answer: a)

Q4) Why does Emma agree to keep an eye on Olivia's grandparents?

a) She wants to make a good impression b) She enjoys spending time with older people c) Olivia asked her as a favor d) Emma's mom insisted she should

Answer: c)

Q5) What does Emma's mom invite Olivia's family for?

a) A movie night b) A tea and cake get-together c) A neighborhood picnic d) A game night

Answer: b) 

Q6) What does the word "dejected" mean in the passage?

a) Excited b) Disappointed c) Confused d) Curious

Answer: b)

Q7) What does the word "prospect" mean in the passage?

a) A person's gaze b) A potential outcome or possibility c) A small porch d) A distant place

Answer: b) 

Q8) Question: True or False: Emma was the only child in the neighborhood before Olivia moved in.

Answer: True

Q9) Fill in the Blanks. Olivia's grandparents _______ telling great stories.

a) loved b) disliked c) avoided d) ignored

Answer: a)

Q10) What did Emma feel when Olivia bumped into her on the porch?

a) Angry b) Excited c) Indifferent d) Scared

Answer: b) 

Unseen passage 02 - Class 3

Lucy squinted at the board. Was that a five or an eight? Her friends, Lily and Ava, copied the math problems into their notebooks, but Lucy couldn't see the board from the back of the room.

"Lucy, is something wrong?" Mrs. Johnson asked.

"No, Mrs. Johnson," Lucy replied.

Lucy slid over in her seat, trying to copy the problems from Lily's paper. "Lucy, would you please come to my desk?" Mrs. Johnson said.

Lucy walked up to Mrs. Johnson's desk at the front of the room. "I wasn't trying to cheat," Lucy lowered her head and whispered, "I just can't see the board."

"Oh, that is a problem. It sounds like you're nearsighted. Do you have glasses you should be wearing?"

Lucy felt a lump in her throat. Her parents had taken her for glasses two weeks ago, but she didn't want to wear them in class where everyone would see.

Mrs. Johnson sighed. "I think I see the problem. You don't want your friends to know you need glasses. Is that right?"

Lucy nodded.

"Well, there is another solution. I could move your seat to the front of the room."

"But then I wouldn't be with Lily and Ava," Lucy said.

"You're going to have to make a decision, Lucy. Either you wear your glasses or I move your seat. The choice is up to you."

Lucy turned to look at Lily and Ava. Lily had a worried expression on her face. Ava mouthed the words, "What's wrong?" They were good friends, and Lucy wanted to continue sitting with them.

"I think I'm going to keep my seat in the back," Lucy said.

Mrs. Johnson nodded. "Okay, but if I don't see you wearing your glasses when you're copying problems from the board, I'll be forced to move your seat."

"I understand," Lucy walked back to her seat, wondering how she was going to tell Lily and Ava that she needed to wear glasses.

"Are you in trouble?" Lily asked.

"You look scared," Ava said.

"I'm not in trouble. I just have to wear my glasses if I'm going to sit back here with you."

"Then put them on," Lily said with a shrug. Lucy smiled. "I will."

Q1) Who are Lucy's friends?

A) Jenny and Amy B) Lily and Ava C) Emma and Olivia D) Rachel and Emily

Answer: B) Lily and Ava

Q2) What problem is Lucy facing?

A) She can't hear properly B) She can't see the board C) She forgot her homework D) She lost her pencil

Answer: B) She can't see the board

Q3) What does Mrs. Johnson suggest as a solution for Lucy's problem?

A) Wearing glasses B) Moving her seat to the front C) Asking her friends for help D) Ignoring the problem

Answer: B) Moving her seat to the front

Q4) Why doesn't Lucy want to wear her glasses in class?

A) She doesn't like the way they look B) She doesn't have glasses C) Her friends might make fun of her D) Her parents told her not to wear them

Answer: C) Her friends might make fun of her

Q5) How does Lucy feel when Lily tells her to put on her glasses?

A) Angry B) Sad C) Relieved D) Confused

Answer: C) Relieved

Q6) What does the word "nearsighted" mean?

A) Having good vision B) Unable to see far away C) Unable to see close up D) Having perfect eyesight

Answer: B) Unable to see far away

Q7) What does the word "shrug" mean?

A) To smile B) To nod C) To shrivel D) To raise shoulders in indifference

Answer: D) To raise shoulders in indifference

Q8) Lucy d

Unseen passage 03 - Class 3

Mark turned the corner and was greeted by an empty bus stop. He felt a lump in his throat and his hands trembled. It wouldn't have been a problem being the first one there if the old oak tree that marked the bus stop wasn't rumored to be haunted.

Whispering to himself, Mark wondered, "Where is everyone?" The sun had not fully risen, casting an eerie darkness that made the oak tree appear even more menacing. Usually, the tree served as a gathering place for the kids, where they chatted while waiting for Mr. Meyers to arrive and take them to school. The presence of other children made the bus stop less intimidating. But now, Mark was alone, surrounded by darkness.

The branches of the oak tree swayed in the breeze, and Mark could hear the occasional eerie sound, like an "Ooooh," emanating from its core. Hurrying to the opposite side of the street, Mark tried to keep his distance from the tree. His gaze remained fixated on it, with the bare branches appearing as though they were reaching out to grab him. Once again, he heard the haunting sound, "Ooooh, ooooh."

Summoning courage, Mark called out in a quivering voice, "I'm not afraid of you."

Startled, Will approached from behind, asking, "Who are you talking to?" Mark jumped, relieved to have company other than the tree. Will stared at him, awaiting an explanation.

"I thought I heard something," Mark shrugged, crossing the street towards the bus stop. Will followed suit.

"Maybe you heard the ghost in the tree," Will suggested.

"Oooh, oooh."

Mark and Will both jumped as something moved within the hollowed-out section of the tree.

"There's something in the tree," Mark exclaimed. He stood on tiptoes and peered inside. "It's an owl!"

"An owl? Is that what's making that strange noise?" Will questioned.

"Perhaps it's injured," Mark suggested. "Let's inform Mrs. Abrams about it when we reach school. She knows a lot about nocturnal animals."

"I guess there's nothing to be scared of now," Will remarked.

"I'm still quite scared of the math test we have today," Mark admitted.

MCQ Questions:

Q1) Why did Mark feel scared when he arrived at the bus stop?

a) The tree was haunted b) It was dark outside c) There were no other children d) Mr. Meyers was late

Answer - a

Q2) What sound did Mark hear coming from the tree?

a) Ooooh b) Eerie whispers c) Ghostly laughter d) Owl hoots

Answer - a

Q3) Who joined Mark at the bus stop?

a) Mrs. Abrams b) Mr. Meyers c) Will d) Other children

Answer - c

Q4) What did Mark and Will discover in the tree?

a) A ghost b) A squirrel c) An owl d) A hidden treasure

Answer - c

Q5) What was Mark still scared of?

a) The haunted tree b) Mrs. Abrams c) Nocturnal animals d) The math test

Answer - d

    Q6) Which word in the passage means "making a low, continuous, eerie sound"?

    a) Intimidating b) Haunting c) Emanating d) Trembling

    Answer - b

    Unseen passage 04 - Class 3

    Arianna rushed into the living room where her father was turning off the television. "Well, what did they say?" Arianna asked. Her father shook his head. "Sorry, Sweetie. Only flurries in the forecast. No accumulation."

    Arianna sighed. Winter was her favorite season for one reason alone—snow. She loved the fluffy white stuff. It made the trees and ground sparkle. It meant snowball fights, snowmen, and best of all sledding. She'd even gotten a new sled for Christmas. But what good was a new sled without snow?

    She pulled her sled out from under the tree. It still had a big red bow on it. "All I really wanted for Christmas was a new sled. But now that I have it, I can't even use it. This is turning out to be the worst winter ever."

    Her father patted her shoulder. "There's still plenty of time for snow, sweetie. Winter's only just begun. Give it time and the snow will come."

    "Yeah, but winter break will be over soon, and I haven't gotten to use my sled yet."

    "What about all your other Christmas gifts? Why don't you play with them? I bet you'll have so much fun you won't even miss the snow."

    Arianna sighed. Her father just didn't understand. She grabbed her sled and moved it to the middle of the living room floor.

    "What are you doing?" her father asked.

    "A snow dance," Arianna said, marching around the sled. She raised her hands in the air and chanted, "Snow, snow, snow."

    Her father laughed, but Arianna kept dancing and chanting. She did her snow dance for three straight days before she gave up. She went to bed that night without even checking the weather report.

    In the morning she woke up to something lying next to her in bed. She opened her eyes and saw her sled.

    "Thought you'd want to get an early start," her father said, sipping on his morning coffee.

    "It snowed?" Arianna asked, sitting up.

    "The weatherman reported the storm last night. I tried to tell you, but you had already gone to bed. I guess your snow dance worked."

    Arianna laughed. "Or I just had to wait until the snow was ready like you said. But either way, I'm going sledding before breakfast!"

    MCQ Questions:

    Q1) What is Arianna's favorite thing about winter?

    a) Fluffy white snow b) Winter break c) Christmas gifts d) Snowball fights

    Answer: a) Fluffy white snow

    Q2) Why is Arianna upset about having a new sled?

    a) She doesn't know how to use it b) It's too big for her c) There is no snow to use it on d) She already has too many sleds

    Answer: c) There is no snow to use it on

    Q3) How does Arianna's father suggest she enjoy her Christmas gifts?

    a) Play with them indoors b) Give them away to friends c) Return them for a refund d) Forget about them and wait for snow

    Answer: a) Play with them indoors

    Q4) What does Arianna do in hopes of making it snow?

    a) Chant and dance with her sled b) Check the weather forecast c) Build a snowman d) Go to bed early

    Answer: a) Chant and dance with her sled

    Q5) How does Arianna discover that it snowed?

    a) Her father tells her b)She checks the weather report c) She sees snowflakes outside her window d) Her friends call her to play in the snow

    Answer: a) Her father tells her

    What does the word "flurries" mean in the passage?

    a) Heavy snowfall b) Strong winds c) Snowflakes falling gently d) Icy road conditions

    Answer: c) Snowflakes falling gently

    Unseen passage 05 - Class 3

    Oliver sat alone on the playground, enjoying his cucumber sandwich. Peppercorn approached, holding a brown paper lunch sack. "Is this seat taken?" he asked.

    "Yes. It's for my friend," Oliver informed him.

    Peppercorn scratched his head. "Where is he?"

    "He's probably busy," Oliver replied, taking a sip of his apple juice. "He's very important."

    "Is that so?" Peppercorn inquired, sitting down. "Well, I have an important friend too. My friend can predict when it's going to rain. He can feel it in his elbow."

    "Really?" Oliver remarked. "I have a friend who can balance a basketball on his elbow."

    "That's nothing," Peppercorn bragged, peeling a hard-boiled egg. "I have a friend who can spin a basketball on the tip of his finger and another one on top of his head. At the same time."

    "Is that so?" Oliver responded. "I'm friends with someone who can play the piano and the guitar simultaneously."

    "I'm friends with someone who can play the piano and guitar blindfolded. And someone who can count to a gazillion backwards," Peppercorn claimed. "I have tons of friends."

    "I bet I have more," Oliver challenged. "I have so many friends I can't even name them all."

    "I have the most friends in the whole wide universe." Peppercorn stretched his arms as far as he could.

    Oliver looked around. "If you have so many friends, where are they all?"

    Peppercorn shrugged. "If you have so many friends, why do you always eat lunch by yourself?"

    Oliver wiped his lips with a napkin. "I told you. I happen to be saving a seat for my friend right now."

    "Well, I happen to be sitting in that seat," Peppercorn declared. "So, you know what that means?"

    "What?" Oliver asked.

    "I must be your friend." Peppercorn smiled.

    Oliver gazed at Peppercorn and returned the smile.

    1. Why was Oliver eating lunch by himself?

    a) He had no friends b) He was saving a seat for his friend c) He preferred to eat alone d) He didn't like Peppercorn

    Answer: b) He was saving a seat for his friend

    2. What special ability does Peppercorn's friend have?

    a) Balancing a basketball on his elbow b) Predicting the weather c) Playing the piano and guitar simultaneously d) Counting backwards to a gazillion

    Answer: b) 

    3. How does Peppercorn describe his friendship abilities?

    a) Having friends who can spin basketballs b) Having friends who can play multiple instruments c) Having friends who can perform blindfolded d) Having a large number of friends

    Answer: d) 

    4. What does Oliver claim about his own friends?

    a) He has more friends than anyone else b) He has friends who can perform incredible feats c) He has friends who are the best in the universe d) He has too many friends to count

    Answer: a) 

    5. How do Oliver and Peppercorn become friends?

    a) They realize they both have many friends b) Oliver shares his lunch with Peppercorn c) Oliver invites Peppercorn to sit in the empty seat d) They find out they have common interests

    Answer: c)

    6. Which word in the passage means "to brag or boast"?

    a) Important b) Universe c) Predict d) Bragged

    Answer: d) 

    Unseen passage 06 - Class 3

    Ben sighed, feeling like he was always last in everything. From learning to whistle to losing a tooth, it seemed like he was lagging behind. His older sister, Kate, was known for her bossy nature. She advised him, "Jiggle your teeth. Find one that's wiggly and wobbly." Following her instructions, Ben tried to wiggle each tooth until he discovered the last one was loose.

    Encouraged by Kate, Ben attempted to tug the tooth out. However, he mumbled, "Uh! It's stuck in my gums." Kate pondered for a moment and suggested, "Munch on that apple." Ben took a bite, but it only resulted in a painful experience.

    Undeterred, Kate came up with another idea. She proposed scaring the tooth out, drawing inspiration from how people get rid of hiccups. Ben closed his eyes tightly, held his breath, and anxiously waited for the scare. But to his surprise, Kate tricked him by saying, "Hey! When am I going to scare you?" Startled by her sudden "Boo!" and arm-flapping, Ben instinctively moved his fingers to the tooth, giving it a final wriggle. Finally, the tooth came out!

    Feeling a mix of relief and disappointment, Ben exclaimed that he would never lose a tooth or even learn to whistle. However, Kate offered to teach him how to whistle. With her guidance, Ben learned the technique of puckering his lips and leaving a tiny space. Following Kate's instruction, he shot the air out forcefully, and along with the whistle, out came his tooth.

    Q1) Why did Ben feel discouraged?

    a) Because he couldn't learn to whistle b) Because he lost all his teeth c) Because his sister was bossy d) Because he was always last in everything

    Answer: d

    Q2) What did Kate suggest to help Ben remove his loose tooth?

    a) Tugging it b) Scaring him c) Eating an apple d) Brushing his teeth

    Answer: c

    Q3) How did Ben react when Kate scared him?

    a) He screamed loudly b) He closed his eyes tightly c) He laughed and ran away d) He grabbed his tooth and wriggled it

    Answer: d

    Q4) Why did Ben feel disappointed even after losing his tooth?

    a) Because it was painful b) Because he couldn't whistle c) Because his sister teased him d) Because he lost all his teeth

    Answer: b

    Q5) What did Kate teach Ben?

    a) How to wiggle his tooth b) How to eat an apple c) How to scare people d) How to whistle

    Answer: d

    Q6) Which word in the passage means "to move with small, quick twists or turns"?

    a) Pondered b) Discouraged c) Instinctively d) Wriggle

    Answer: d

    Unseen passage 07 - Class 3

    Bump! Bump! Scratch!

    Startled, Adam opened his eyes and hastily pulled the covers up to his chin. He scanned the dark room, trying to identify the source of the eerie noises. As if in response, the closet door shuddered under a mysterious force from within.

    "Who's there?" Adam's voice quivered with fear.

    Gradually, the closet creaked open. Adam leaped out of bed, racing towards the door. With all his might, he slammed it shut using his palms. Frantically, he wedged his desk chair against the handle for added security. Seeking refuge, he hurriedly dashed down the hallway and found his brother's door wide open. Adam hopped onto David's bed, seeking comfort and support.

    A groggy David questioned, "Adam? Why are you here?"

    Adam tugged at David's arm urgently. "There's something lurking in my closet!"

    "Perhaps it was just a bad dream. Go back to bed," David dismissed.

    Adam ripped the blankets off the bed in frustration. "It wasn't a dream! I was wide awake, and the closet door started opening on its own!"

    Exasperated, David relented. "Alright. But after we don't find anything, you must promise not to disturb me for the rest of the night."

    Adam nodded in agreement. David retrieved a flashlight from his desk drawer, and together, they made their way back to Adam's room. Adam paused at the doorway, listening intently to the scratching sounds emanating from the closet door.

    "Do you hear that?" Adam whispered anxiously.

    David nodded, stepping towards Adam's bed and removing the case from one of the pillows. He carefully opened it.

    "You open the door slowly, and I'll grab whatever is inside," David instructed.

    Adam shifted the chair aside, gingerly cracking open the closet door. Something forcefully struck the door, attempting to break free. With a deep breath, Adam opened it wider, allowing a small, furry creature to dart straight into the waiting pillowcase.

    "I caught it!" David exclaimed, swiftly closing the pillowcase and holding it aloft.

    Curiosity piqued, Adam moved closer as David cautiously peered inside. The pillowcase was placed on the bed, and an orange cat emerged.

    Adam scooped up the cat in his arms. "Apricot? How did you end up trapped in my closet?"

    David chuckled. "Poor Apricot. If I were stuck in your closet with those smelly shoes, I'd be banging on the door too!"

    "Poor Apricot," Adam empathized. "You must have been more frightened than I was."

    MCQ Questions:

    1. What sound woke Adam up in the beginning of the story?

      a) Knocking on the bedroom window b) Rustling leaves outside c) Banging on the closet door d) A loud crash from downstairs

    2. What did Adam use to secure the closet door?

      a) A desk chair b) A heavy bookshelf c) A blanket d) A toy box

    3. Whose bed did Adam seek refuge in?

      a) His parents' bed b) His sister's bed c) His brother David's bed d) His own bed

    4. What did David suggest they use to investigate the closet?

      a) A magnifying glass b) A flashlight c) A broomstick d) A pair of binoculars

    5. What did they find inside the closet?

      a) A furry creature b) A secret passage c) A stack of books d) A hidden treasureAnswers:


      1. c, 2. a, 3. c, 4. b, 5.a

    Unseen passage 08 - Class 3

    After breakfast, Anna headed to her dad's workbench in the garage. She found an old coffee can filled with nuts and bolts and decided to repurpose it as her time capsule. Anna thoughtfully selected items to include, picking her favorite book, her beloved yo-yo, and some cherished photos. Even her playful kitten, Kitty, joined in the fun, nudging a ball into the can. Anna even added a folded newspaper to capture the essence of the present day.

    With all the memories packed in the can, Anna sealed it with tape. Using a thick black marker, she proudly wrote "ANNA AND KITTY'S TIME CAPSULE" on the front. Excited to bury it, she carried the can outside, grabbed a shovel from the shed, and carefully buried the time capsule in the garden.

    After burying the time capsule, Anna found herself missing the items she had included. She realized she couldn't yo-yo or read her favorite book because they were buried. Feeling a bit puzzled, she scratched her head, but then an idea struck her. She remembered Kitty's ball and the sound of her bracelet clinking.

    Without hesitation, Anna began digging up their time capsule. Kitty eagerly pounced on the ball while Anna joyfully pulled on her bracelet and settled under a tree to read her book and yo-yo once again.

    Question 1: What is Anna's plan at the breakfast table?

    a) To go on a time travel adventure b) To create a time capsule c) To build a memory box for her parents d) To have a picnic in the garden

    Answer: b) To create a time capsule

    Question 2: What items did Anna include in her time capsule?

    a) Her dad's coffee mug and nuts b) Kitty's toys and treats c) Her favorite book, yo-yo, photos, and a newspaper d) Her school supplies and homework

    Answer: c) Her favorite book, yo-yo, photos, and a newspaper

    Question 3: Where did Anna bury the time capsule?

    a) In her bedroom closet b) Underneath her dad's workbench c) In the garage d) In the garden

    Answer: d) In the garden

    Question 4: Why did Anna dig up the time capsule?

    a) She wanted to find buried treasure b) She missed her favorite book and yo-yo c) Kitty wanted to play with the ball d) She wanted to add more items to the capsule

    Answer: b) She missed her favorite book and yo-yo

    Question 5: What did Anna rediscover from the time capsule?

    a) Her dad's coffee mug b) Her school textbooks c) Kitty's treats d) Her bracelet and the joy of reading and yo-yoing

    Answer: d) Her bracelet and the joy of reading and yo-yoing

    Question 6: What does the word "repurpose" mean in the passage?

    a) To use something for a different purpose b) To throw something away c) To buy new items d) To forget about something

    Answer: a) To use something for a different purpose

    Unseen passage 09 - Class 3

    One Saturday evening, Bella and her friend Mia decided to have a camping adventure in Bella's backyard. With mosquitoes buzzing around and the rustling of tall pine trees, they aimed to recreate the experience of camping in the woods.

    Bella and Mia found two drooping branches on side-by-side trees and draped a sheet over them, creating their makeshift tent. Excited and giggling, they crawled underneath, enjoying the feeling of being in their own cozy space.

    As the wind grew stronger, the sheet started to flap and come off the trees. Undeterred, Bella and Mia decided to switch their plans. They gathered sticks and broken pieces of bark to create a makeshift campfire and began roasting marshmallows, poking them through the sticks. The joy of roasting marshmallows brought smiles to their faces.

    Bella ran inside to ask her mom to start a real campfire, but her mom advised against it due to safety concerns. Instead, she suggested pretending or using the microwave. Disappointed but understanding, Bella and Mia continued their camping adventure with make-believe campfires.

    With their eyes gazing up at the night sky, Bella and Mia noticed the absence of glowing stars. The moon was partially hidden behind tentacle-like clouds, creating a spooky atmosphere. Embracing the eerie ambiance, they shared spooky ghost stories, adding a thrill to their camping experience.

    As the raindrops started to fall, Bella and Mia hurriedly sought shelter inside, their camping trip abruptly interrupted. Bella's initial disappointment faded as she realized they could still salvage their adventure by making s'mores in the microwave.

    Q1) Where did Bella and Mia decide to have their camping adventure?

    a) Mia's backyard
    b) Bella's bedroom
    c) The local park
    d) A camping ground

    Answer: a)

    Q2) What did Bella and Mia use to create their makeshift tent?

    a) Blankets
    b) Ropes
    c) Tree branches
    d) Pillows

    Answer: c)

    Q3) Why couldn't Bella and Mia start a real campfire in the backyard?

    a) It was too windy.
    b) There was no firewood.
    c) It was against the rules.
    d) They didn't have matches.

    Answer: c)

    Q4) How did Bella and Mia adapt to the absence of glowing stars in the sky?

    a) They pretended to see stars.
    b) They focused on the moon instead.
    c) They told spooky ghost stories.
    d) They ignored the sky and played games.

    Answer: c)

    Q5) What did Bella and Mia decide to do when the rain started?

    a) Continue camping in the rain.
    b) Run inside for shelter.
    c) Build a shelter using their tent.
    d) Dance in the rain.

    Answer: b) Run inside for shelter.

    Q6) What does the word "make-believe" mean in the passage?

    a) Pretend or imaginary
    b) Real and authentic
    c) Serious and focused
    d) Frightening or spooky

    Answer: a) Pretend or imaginary

    Unseen passage 10 - Class 3

    Mia spent every morning searching the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach for a shark tooth. Despite the beach's reputation for having an abundance of shark teeth, Mia hadn't found one yet. However, her determination didn't waver as she continued her quest.

    One day, something pointy and T-shaped caught Mia's attention. She picked it up and compared it to the shark tooth necklace her parents had bought for her. Though not an exact match, the object resembled a shark tooth.

    Mia showed her finding to her father, unsure if it was indeed a shark tooth or just a seashell. Her father examined it closely, trying to determine its identity. Though uncertain, he offered it to Mia, but she hesitated. She wanted to find a shark tooth on her own, not settle for something uncertain.

    While Mia continued searching for a genuine shark tooth, her father walked down the beach. Time was running out as her mother called for them to leave.

    Q1) What was Mia searching for on the beach?

    a) Seashells
    b) Sand dollars
    c) Shark teeth
    d) Pebbles

    Answer: c) 

    Q2) Why did Mia hesitate to accept the possible shark tooth from her father?

    a) She thought it was a seashell.
    b) She wanted to find one herself.
    c) She had a similar necklace already.
    d) She was not interested in shark teeth.

    Answer: b) 

    Q3) How did Mia feel about her finding, even if it wasn't a shark tooth?

    a) Disappointed
    b) Excited
    c) Indifferent
    d) Confused

    Answer: b) 

    Q4) What was Mia's father's suggestion after asking others about the finding?

    a) Keep searching for a real shark tooth.
    b) Leave it on the beach and forget about it.
    c) Take the possible shark tooth home.
    d) Give it to someone else.

    Answer: c) 

    Q5) What did Mia ultimately decide to do with the finding?

    a) Throw it back into the ocean.
    b) Give it to her father.
    c) Keep it as a souvenir.
    d) Bury it in the sand.

    Answer: c) 

    Q6) What does the word "abundance" mean in the passage?

    a) Something that is very small in size.
    b) A large quantity or plenty of something.
    c) An object that is rare and valuable.
    d) A feeling of disappointment or sadness.

    Answer: b) 

    Unseen passage 11 - Class 3

    "How much longer until we get there?" Ethan impatiently asked for the fourth time in the last ten minutes. The traffic on the way to the beach seemed never-ending.

    Ethan's mom reminded him to be patient, explaining that they couldn't control the traffic. Dad mentioned that the heat wave was attracting more people to the beach, making the journey even more crowded. They cranked up the air conditioning in the car to beat the heat.

    Ethan sighed as he could see the water in the distance but felt it was still so far away. The slow progress of the car tested his patience, and he began tapping his foot unconsciously.

    Dad grew frustrated with the tapping and asked Ethan to stop. Finally, they spotted a parking space, and Ethan eagerly hopped out of the car. But before heading to the beach, Mom reminded him to help carry their chairs and umbrella.

    Ethan followed his parents across the scorching sand. They searched for a suitable spot but kept walking as each spot seemed crowded or prone to getting wet when the tide came in.

    After what felt like an eternity, they finally found a spot. Ethan eagerly threw down his belongings and made a beeline for the water. However, Mom interrupted him, reminding him to apply sunblock for protection.

    After quickly applying sunblock, Ethan dashed into the water and swam for hours, enjoying the cool waves. Eventually, his parents joined him in the water.

    "Time to get going, buddy," Dad said, signaling it was time to leave. Ethan, surprised by the rush, questioned his dad's eagerness, reminding him to be patient, just as they had told him before.

    Mom chuckled and agreed that Ethan had a point. They decided to stay a little longer, knowing that some of the crowd would leave, resulting in less traffic on their way home.

    Ethan teased his dad, telling him to be patient. They stayed a bit longer, cherishing their time at the beach before heading home.

    Q1) What was causing heavy traffic on the way to the beach?

    a) Heat wave b) Construction work c) Rainy weather d) Road closure

    Answer: a) 

    Q2) Why did Ethan's dad crank up the air conditioning in the car?

    a) To beat the traffic b) To keep Ethan calm c) To stay cool in the heat wave d) To conserve fuel

    Answer: c) 

    Q3) What did Ethan's mom remind him to do before going to the beach?

    a) Pack snacks b) Apply sunscreen c) Bring a beach ball d) Wear a hat

    Answer: b) 

    Q4) Why did Ethan and his parents keep searching for a suitable spot on the beach?

    a) They wanted a spot close to the water. b) They wanted a spot away from the crowd. c) They wanted a spot that wouldn't get wet. d) They wanted a spot with shade.

    Answer: c) 

    Q5) Why did Ethan suggest staying a little longer at the beach?

    a) To enjoy the sunset b) To avoid heavy traffic c) To go for a swim d) To take more pictures

    Answer: b) 

    Q6) Choose the correct meaning of the word "scorching" as used in the passage.

    a) Cold and icy b) Wet and slippery c) Extremely hot d) Dark and gloomy

    Answer: c) 

    Unseen passage 12 - Class 3

    Emily slumped down on the couch, feeling bored and restless. Her sister, Olivia, noticed her sister's mood and sat down beside her, asking what was wrong.

    Emily expressed her boredom and explained that she used to spend Saturdays with her friend, Sophia, who recently moved across the country. Emily felt like it wouldn't be the same hanging out with someone else.

    Olivia suggested that Emily call another friend, but Emily insisted on talking to Sophia. She set up a video chat and connected with Sophia, who appeared on the screen.

    Emily and Sophia both expressed how much they missed each other. However, Olivia interrupted their conversation, encouraging them to make the most of their day and share their experiences later.

    Emily and Olivia embarked on a day of adventure and enjoyment. They engaged in activities such as biking to the lake, having a picnic at the park, and even going to the movies.

    Emily eagerly logged back onto the video chat to tell Sophia about her day. They discovered that they had done similar activities, including biking and having a picnic. They laughed and shared details of their experiences.

    Olivia entered the room and commented on how Emily and Sophia had always been best friends, no matter the distance. Emily and Sophia realized that through video chatting and visits during school breaks, they would remain best friends forever.

    Q1) Why was Emily feeling bored?

    a) She didn't have any friends b) She missed her friend Sophia c) She was tired of staying at home d) She was sick

    Answer: b) 

    Q2) How did Emily connect with Sophia?

    a) Through a phone call b) Through a video chat c) Through a letter d) Through a social media post

    Answer: b)

    Q3) Who encouraged Emily and Olivia to make the most of their day?

    a) Emily's mom b) Sophia's mom c) Olivia's sister d) Sophia's sister

    Answer: c) 

    Q4) What activities did Emily and Olivia do during their day of fun?

    a) Biking and having a picnic b) Going to the movies c) Shopping at the mall d) Playing video games

    Answer: a)

    Q5) How did Emily and Sophia plan to remain best friends?

    a) By sending letters to each other b) By visiting each other every month c) By video chatting and visiting during school breaks d) By finding new friends in their new locations

    Answer: c) 

    Q6) What does the word "embarked" mean in the passage?

    a) Started a journey or activity b) Finished a journey or activity c) Explored new places d) Took a break from the journey

    Answer: a)

    Mastering Unseen Passages for Class 3

    Tips for Effective Comprehension with Olympiadtester:

    To excel in solving unseen passages for Class 3, students can follow these helpful tips provided by subject matter experts at Olympiadtester:

    Skim and Scan: Begin by quickly skimming through the passage to get a general understanding of the topic. Then, use scanning techniques to locate specific information or keywords related to the questions.

    Identify Keywords: Pay close attention to the keywords in the questions and actively search for them in the passage. This will help you locate the relevant information needed to answer the questions accurately.

    Understand the Context: Consider the overall context of the passage, including the main theme, tone, and purpose. Understanding the context will enable you to grasp the author's message effectively. Olympiadtester provides unseen passages specifically designed for Class 3 students to improve contextual understanding.

    Make Inferences: Practice making logical inferences based on the information provided in the passage. Use clues from the text and your prior knowledge to draw conclusions and fill in any missing details. Olympiadtester's practice tests include passages that encourage inference-making skills.

    Monitor Your Comprehension: While reading the passage, continually check your understanding to ensure comprehension. If something is unclear, go back and reread the relevant parts to gain clarity. Olympiadtester's interactive platform provides immediate feedback and explanations to help you monitor and enhance your comprehension skills.

    Regular Practice with Olympiadtester: Enhance your comprehension skills by practicing regularly with unseen passages available on Olympiadtester's platform. These passages are specifically curated to align with the Class 3 curriculum and provide comprehensive practice for better performance in assessments.

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      Benefits - Unseen Passages for Class 3

      At Olympiadtester, we understand the significance of regular practice with unseen passages for Class 3 students. Our platform offers a valuable resource specifically designed to optimize the learning experience and help students excel in their reading and comprehension skills.

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      Expand Knowledge: Olympiadtester's unseen passages expose students to diverse topics, themes, and writing styles. Through these passages, students gain new knowledge, broaden their horizons, and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

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