Olympiad Study Materials for Class 3

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Check the Olympiad study materials for Class 3 IMO at Olympiadtester. This test has questions on the chapter "Measurement of Length, Weight and Capacity". Answers and explanations for each are provided in our paid section.

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1) Look at the diagram below. 

What is the total length of the pencil and the paper clip?

Olympiad Study Materials for Class 3
  1. 19 cm
  2. 14 cm
  3. 12 cm
  4. 11 cm

2) Arun is 19 cm shorter than Ben. Chris is 35 cm taller than Ben.
Find the difference in height between Arun and Chris.

Answer : _____________cm

  1. 54
  2. 58
  3. 63
  4. 64

3) Find the mass of one box.

Olympiad Study Materials for Class 3

  1. 250g
  2. 1025g
  3. 1250g
  4. 1520g

4) Container A is 3 kg heavier than Container B.
Container B is twice as heavy as Container C.
The total mass of the tree containers is 23 kg.
What is the mass of Container C?

  1. 4kg
  2. 5kg
  3. 6kg
  4. 7kg

5) The total mass of A and B is _________.

Olympiad Study Materials for Class 3

Ans: ________kg________g

  1. 12, 600
  2. 12, 250
  3. 13, 500
  4. 13, 200


Container Capacity
Jar 825 mℓ
Pail 8 l 20 mℓ
Cup 100 mℓ
Bottle 300 mℓ

The total capacity of the largest container and the smallest container is ___________.

Ans: ______ℓ______mℓ

  1. 8, 120
  2. 8, 210
  3. 9, 110
  4. 7, 240

7) 4 km 40 m = _________ m

  1. 440 m
  2. 4004 m
  3. 4040 m
  4. 4400 m

8) How much more water is needed to fill up the container to the 2 litre mark?

Olympiad Study Materials for Class 3

  1. 200 ml
  2. 300 ml
  3. 400 ml
  4. 600 ml

9) Look at the diagram below.
Leah can travel to the Zoo using either route A or route B.
How much longer is route A than route B?

Olympiad Study Materials for Class 3

Ans: ________________ m

10) The recommended water intake for each child is 2 ℓ of liquid per day.
How much liquid should a teacher prepare for 36 children attending a 3-day camp?

Ans: ______________ ℓ

11) Mary had 2 pieces of string.
String A was 35 cm longer than String B.
She cut 8 cm from String B and attached it to String A.
How much longer was String A than String B then?

Ans: ________________ cm


12) A piece of wire was cut into exactly 23 smaller pieces of equal length.
Each of the smaller pieces was bent into a square.
Each square has an area of 4 cm2.
What was the original length of wire?

Ans: ________________

13) Firoz ran 5568 m during a charity run.
After the run, he cooled himself down by running another 850 m.
What was the total distance that he had run?
(Write your answer in km and m.)

Ans: _______km________m

14) Vimmi went to the supermarket and bought the items below.
What was the mass of the chicken?

Olympiad Study Materials for Class 3

Ans: _______kg________g

15) Nyasa bought 186 cm of cloth.
Mili bought 39 cm more cloth than Nyasa.
Lily bought two times as much cloth as Mili.

How much cloth did Lily buy?


Answer : __________

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