CBSE Maths Worksheet for Class 3

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Olympiadtester offers free downloadable CBSE Class 3 Maths Worksheets with Answers. This Class 3 Maths NCERT worksheets covers questions with answers on the Chapter 14, 'Money,' an important topic for Class 3 CBSE students. These questions are designed to help students understand key concepts of rupees and paises related to the topic of Money and can also assist in preparing for Maths Olympiads, including IMO Level 1 and 2 exams. Some of these questions have been sourced from previous years' Class 3  CBSE question papers. Practice using our CBSE Class 3 Maths worksheets that strictly adhere to the CBSE syllabus and are in line with the latest NCERT guidelines.

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1) Mira has ₹4.99 at first.

Her mother gives her some more coins as shown below.

Maths Worksheet for Class 3

How much does Mira have now?



2) Express ₹22.95 in cents.



3) Carol bought two lemon-flavored candies for 55 paises each. She gave the cashier ₹5. How much change would she get?

  1. ₹1.10
  2. ₹3.90
  3. ₹4.45
  4. ₹5.55

4)  Marish bought 4 bookmarks and a pen. How much did she pay for her purchase?

Maths Worksheet for Class 3

  1. ₹ 107.50
  2. ₹ 170.50
  3. ₹ 180.00
  4. ₹ 130.00

5) Tom and Jerry spent a total of ₹ 90.50 at a shop.
Tom spent ₹ 29.65.
How much more did Jerry spend than Tom?



6) James has 25 one-rupee coins, 6 fifty-paise coins and 7 twenty-paise coins in his piggy bank.
How much money has James saved altogether?



7) Ben has 5 times as many coins as Kenneth. They have 30 coins altogether. How many coins does Ben have?



8) If John buys 7 pens, he would be short of ₹20. If he buys 6 pens, he would have ₹10 left. How much money does John have?


9) Four 5-paise coins and two 50-paise coins is _______________________.

  1. ₹0.20
  2. ₹0.70
  3. ₹1.00
  4. ₹1.20

10) 5 twenty-paise coins is the same as _______________________.

  1. ₹1
  2. ₹2
  3. ₹3
  4. ₹4

11) John bought candies and a jelly cup. He paid ₹8.70 and had ₹1.30 left. The jelly cup cost ₹​​​​​​​1.20. How much money did he have at first?



12) jigsaw puzzle set costs 90. The cost of the jigsaw puzzle set is 9 times the cost of a balloon. What is the total cost of the jigsaw puzzle set and the balloon?



13) Mary has 5 coins altogether. They consists of 2-rupee and 5-rupee coins.
Which one of the following can not be the total amount of money Mary has?

  1. ₹ 13
  2. ₹ 16
  3. ₹ 22
  4. ₹ 24

14) Mrs Tan bought a pack of colorful balloons  at a store. She paid the cashier ₹50 and received a change of ₹17.25. How much did the pack of colorful balloons cost?



15) Count the amount.


  50p    5p    50p 
  20p   20p 


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