IMO Class 3 Level 2 questions on Geometry

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This is a test on the Chapter " Geometry " for Class 3 .We have provided a selection of Chapterwise tests  and Mock Tests in our FREE SECTION. Each test in our free section allows only 1 attempt. Scores with answer keys and explanations are not included in our FREE tests.

For our paid members we offer compresive benefits, including access to detailed explanations for all questions in our Chapterwise Test Series and Mock test Series. Our paid members have the opportunity to attempt more than a dozen tests for each chapter covered in the SOF IMO syllabus for Class 3. They can attempt each test multiple times to enhance their learning experience.

Our Mock Tests for Class 3 IMO closely follow the pattern of actual SOF IMO including the  questions, marking and time alloted for completion. This helps the students to familiarize themselves with the the real time exam environment and assess their exam preparedness. Since we follow the same marking system , the scores obtained at the end of each test will help identify students' weaknesses and guide them in improving their performance.

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