Class 3 IMO Previous Years Solved Question Papers

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Check these Class 3 IMO Level 2 questions from previous years Maths Olympiad exams.

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Olympiadtester has displayed a few Chapterwise tests and Mock tests in the FREE SECTION. 


 1) Look at the figure below. ​​​​​​​How many boxes are to be shaded to represent 5/6​  of the whole figure?

Class 3 IMO previous years solved papers

  1. 5​ 
  2. 6
  3. 8
  4. 10


    2) Geraldine can read 3/5​  of a book in 3 days.
    At this rate, how many books can she read in 5 weeks?

    1. 1 book
    2. 7 books
    3. 10 books
    4. 15 books


       3) A girl spent 2/9​  of her money on books and 1/3​  of her money on a dress.
      What fraction of her money was left?

      1. 1/6​ 
      2. 1/9​ 
      3. 4/9​ 
      4. 5/9​ 


          4) The rectangle below is divided into equal parts. What fraction of the rectangle is not shaded?

          Class 3 IMO previous years question papers with answers

          1. 5/7​ 
          2. 5/12​ 
          3. 1/2​ 
          4. 7/12​ 



                5) Which of the following two figures do not show 1/2​  of the figure shaded?

                Class 3 Geometry important questions for CBSE and IMO

                1. A, B
                2. B, D
                3. B, C
                4. A, D 


                   6) Which set of fraction gives the smallest value?

                  1. 1/2​  + 1/3​ 
                  2. 1/2​  - 1/3​ 
                  3. 1/3​  - 1/4​ 
                  4. 1/3​  + 1/4​ 


                      7) James is thinking of a fraction.
                      The denominator is thrice of the numerator.
                      The difference between the numerator and denominator is 4.
                      What fraction is he thinking of?


                      1. 1/3
                      2. 2/6
                      3. 3/9
                      4. 4/12


                      8) Jiah cut a cake into 4 equal pieces and gave 1 piece away.
                      Each of the 3 remaining pieces is cut into 2 smaller equal pieces.
                      If Jason ate 1 of the smaller pieces, what fraction of the cake was left?

                      Class 3 Geometry syllabus for IMO and CBSE
                      Ans: __________________


                        9) During a party, Sue ate 5/12​  of the pizza.
                        David ate 1/4​  of the pizza.
                        The remaining pizza was shared equally between Amy and Fiona.
                        What fraction of the pizza did Amy eat?
                        (Express your answer in its simplest form)

                          Ans: _______________ 


                          10) Fiona has 12 marbles. 
                          1/2​  of the marbles are white while the rest are black and green.
                          There are 4 black marbles.
                          What fraction of the marbles is green?
                          Write your answer in the simplest form.




                          11) The missing fractions are _________ , _________.

                          Class 3 IMO previous years solved question paper

                          Answer : __________, ___________


                            12) Study the figure below. What fraction of the figure shown above is shaded? (Leave your answer in the simplest form.)

                            Class 3 IMO previous years solved question papers

                            Answer : __________


                            13) Bella spent 2/3​  of her savings on a handbag. She spent1/4​  of her savings on clothings.

                             a) What fraction of her money did she spend altogether?

                             Answer : ____________

                             b) What fraction of her money did she have left?

                             Anwer : _____________


                              14)Simmy bought a box of apples.
                              She gave 2/3 apples to each of her 5 good friends, threw away 12 rotten apples and had 20 apples left.

                              How many apples were there in the box at first?


                              Answer : ______________


                              15)Mrs Sara baked a cake.
                              Her son and daughter each ate 1/4​  of the cake.
                              The mass of the remaining cake was 350 g.
                              What was the mass of the cake that Mrs Sara baked?


                              Answer : ___________



                              Olympiadtester has displayed a few Chapterwise tests and Mock tests in the FREE SECTION. 

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