Class 3 IMO Maths Olympiad Study Material

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This is an online practice test for the Class 3 IMO Maths Olympiad. The test includes questions related to the chapter "Computation Operations." Detailed explanations for each question are provided at the end of the test exclusively for our paid members. Our paid members also have the advantage of being able to take these tests multiple times.

 At Olympiadtester, we offer multiple online tests with multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for each chapter specified in the SOF IMO (Science Olympiad Foundation International Mathematics Olympiad) syllabus for Class 3. These chapter-wise tests and mock tests are specifically designed to enhance the analytical skills of young students while allowing them to delve deeply into the concepts of each chapter in the syllabus.

This preparation will help them approach the IMO and other mathematics Olympiads with confidence, as these tests closely adhere to the examination pattern of the IMO. Furthermore, they are available for download in PDF format.

To explore and purchase our courses please visit the  BUY COURSES section on our website.

IMO Study Material for Class 3

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