Class 3 IMO level 2 Previous Years Question Papers - Set 9

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Check these Class 3 IMO Level 2 questions from previous years Maths Olympiad exams.

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 1) Jacob spend  2/3​  of his salary last week and 1/6​  of his salary this week.
What fraction of his salary did he spend altogether?

  1. 2/15​ 
  2. 1/3​ 
  3. 1/2​ 
  4. 5/6​ 


    2) Figure ABCD is made up of 8 identical squares. What fraction of the figure is shaded?

    Class 3 IMO previous years question papers

    1. 3/10​ 
    2. 3/8​ 
    3. 5/12​ 
    4. 5/8​ 


     3) Binod wants 3/4​  of the figure below to be shaded. How many triangle As must be shaded altogether?

    Class 3 IMO Higher order thinking HOTS question

    1. 8
    2. 2
    3. 6
    4. 4


      4) The rectangle below is divided into equal parts. What fraction of the rectangle is not shaded?

      Class 3 IMO previous years question papers with answers

      1. 5/7​ 
      2. 5/12​ 
      3. 1/2​ 
      4. 7/12​ 


            5) Mrs Singh brought home a whole cheesecake for her 2 children.
            Tuhin ate 1/6​  of the cheesecakes while Sara ate another 1/6​  of the cheesecake.
            What fraction of the cheesecake was left?


            1. 1/2​ 
            2. 1/3​ 
            3. 2/3

            4. 2/6​ 


              6) Which of the following sets is not made up of a pair of equivalent fractions?

              1. 3/6​  , 8/12​ 
              2. 3/9​  , 5/15​ 
              3. 1/2​  , 5/10​ 
              4. 3/4​  , 6/8​ 


                 7 How many angles are there in the object below?

                Class 3 IMO previous years solved question papers


                1. 7
                2. 10
                3. 14
                4. 18


                  8) James is thinking of a fraction.
                  The denominator is thrice of the numerator.
                  The difference between the numerator and denominator is 4.
                  What fraction is he thinking of?



                  1. 1/3
                  2. 2/6
                  3. 3/9
                  4. 4/12


                  9) The figure shown below is made up of five similar rectangles 12 cm by 6 cm.
                  Find the perimeter of the figure.

                  Class 3 IMO previous years solved question papers


                  1. 99 cm
                  2. 89 cm
                  3. 96 cm
                  4. 98 cm


                  10) Look at the figure below. Which pair of lines is parallel?

                  Class 3 IMO level 2 previous years question paper


                  1. HB // CD
                  2. HG // BC
                  3. CD // FE
                  4. AH // BC


                  10) The figure below is made up of identical triangles. Pooja wants to shade 4/5​  of the figure. How many more such triangles must she shade?

                  Class 3 IMO previous years question papers with answers



                  11) 1/2​  of a piece of cloth was used to make curtains while 3/10​  of it was used to make cushion covers. What fraction of the cloth was not used?


                  Answer : ____________


                    12)Inu cut a pie into 18 equal pieces and ate 1 piece. Ali and Mohan each ate 1 piece. Lara ate 2 pieces. Inu gave 3 pieces to her neighbour. What fraction of the pie is left? 


                    Ans: _______________ 


                    13) Bella spent 2/3​  of her savings on a handbag. She spent1/4​  of her savings on clothings.

                     a) What fraction of her money did she spend altogether?

                     Answer : ____________

                     b) What fraction of her money did she have left?

                     Anwer : _____________


                      14) Lily had some red, yellow and blue marbles.
                      There were 18 blue marbles.
                      Half of the marbles were yellow and 1/3​  of them are red.

                      Lily later gave some red marbles to her brother, and was left with equal number of red and blue marbles. How many red marbles did Lily's brother get?


                      Answer : ______________


                      15)Dan bought a storybook.
                      He read 3/5​  of the storybook on the first day and 1/4​  of the remaining storybook on the second day.
                      If Dan read 4 pages of the book on the second day,

                      How many pages are there in the storybook?


                      Answer : ____________



                      Olympiadtester has displayed a few Chapterwise tests and Mock tests in the FREE SECTION. 

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