Class 3 GK Questions - Transport and communication

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GK Questions - Class 3 - Transport and communication

Q1. Which of the following birds was used for communication purpose in ancient times?

a) Parrot

b) Crow

c) Pigeon

d) Sparrow

Answer: c) Pigeon

Explanation: Pigeons were used for communication purposes in ancient times. They were trained to carry messages over long distances.

Q2. People in the village use __________ for carrying loads.

a) Car

b) Bullock cart

c) Train

d) Ship

Answer: b) Bullock cart

Explanation: People in villages often use bullock carts for carrying loads as a traditional means of transportation.

Q3. The oldest means of communication

a) Postcard

b) Telegram

c) Pigeon

d) Mobile

Answer: c) Pigeon

Explanation: Pigeon communication is considered one of the oldest means of sending messages over long distances.

Q4. Goods trains are used to carry loads of

a) People

b) Things

c) Both a and b

d) None of these

Answer: b) Things

Explanation: Goods trains are primarily used for transporting various types of goods and commodities.

Q5. Match the column:

Column I Column II
(I) Bus (i) Sea transport
(II) Aeroplane (ii) Road transport
(III) Train (iii) Air transport
(IV) Ship (iv) Railway transport

Answer: b) (I) - (ii), (II) - (iii), (III) - (iv), (IV) - (i)

Explanation: The correct matching of transport types is: (I) Bus - (ii) Road transport, (II) Aeroplane - (iii) Air transport, (III) Train - (iv) Railway transport, (IV) Ship - (i) Sea transport.

Q6. Which of the following are methods of mass communication?

a) Internet

b) Postcard

c) Television

d) Telephone

e) Radio

f) Newspaper

g) Fax

Answer: d) 1, 3, 5, 6 only

Explanation: The methods of mass communication are Internet, Television, Radio, and Newspaper.

Q7. What is the emergency number one must dial in case of a road accident in India?

a) 102

b) 139

c) 101

d) 181

Answer: c) 101

Explanation: In India, the emergency number to dial in case of a road accident is 101.

Q8. A fax is used to:

a) Signal

b) Communicate with dolphins

c) Send and receive copies of printed or written matter

d) Understand the communication between plants and animals

Answer: c) Send and receive copies of printed or written matter

Explanation: A fax machine is used to send and receive copies of printed or written matter over a telephone line.

Q9. You can travel through the desert by sitting on me.

a) Computer

b) Hen

c) Camel

d) None of these

Answer: c) Camel

Explanation: Camels are known for their ability to travel long distances through deserts, and they have been used as transportation in desert regions for centuries.

Q10. Today’s world depends mainly on:

a) Post

b) Telephone

c) Internet

d) All of these

Answer: c) Internet

Explanation: Today's world heavily relies on the Internet for communication, information, and various other activities.

Q11. On letters, we have to:

a) Write the address to whom the letter is posted.

b) Paste our picture.

c) We don’t need to write anything.

d) None of these

Answer: a) Write the address to whom the letter is posted.

Explanation: When sending letters, we need to write the address of the recipient on the envelope or package.

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