Class 3 CBSE measurement worksheet

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Check Class 3 CBSE maths measurements worksheets with answers. This has questions on the chapter 11  "Measurement of Length, Weight and Capacity". These worksheets follow the latest examination pattern and can be downloaded with answers in PDF format.  Answers and explanations for each question are available in the " buy courses" link given below.

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1) The cylinder is filled with 3 cups of water and 1 teapot of water.
Find the capacity of the teapot.
Leave your answer in ℓ and mℓ.

Class 3 CBSE measurement worksheet

Ans: ______ℓ ________mℓ

2) The total mass of a box and 4 similar bars of milk chocolate is 980 g.
The mass of the empty box is 300 g.
What is the mass of 1 bar of chocolate?

Class 3 CBSE measurement worksheet

Ans: _______________ g

3) A tank contained 3 ℓ  800 mℓ of water. Devi used a jug to scoop some water out of the tank. The capacity of the jug is 500 mℓ . If Devi scooped 3 jugfuls of water from the tank, how much water was left in the tank?

Ans: _______________ mℓ

4) Rope A is 45 cm shorter than Rope B.
If Rope A is 85 cm, what is their total length?

  1. 40 cm
  2. 130 cm
  3. 175 cm
  4. 215 cm

5) Alam is 155 cm tall.
Ray is 20 cm shorter than Alam but 12 cm taller than Richa.
How tall is Richa?

  1. 187 cm
  2. 163 cm
  3. 147 cm
  4. 123 cm

6) Juhi has 4 kg 250 g of flour.
She packs some of them into 4 packs of 550 g each.
How much flour is left?

Ans: _________________ g

7) The capacities of a jug and a cup are as shown below.
To fill up a tank of capacity 2 ℓ 350 mℓ, I need to use 4 jugs and ___________ cups.

Class 3 CBSE measurement worksheet
Ans: _________________

8) 5 km 15 m = _________ m

  1. 515
  2. 5 015
  3. 5 105
  4. 5 150

9) Which set of the objects is the lightest?

  1. 2 kg of rice
  2. 20 g of metal wire
  3. 2 kg of watermelon
  4. 200 g of paper

10) In the diagram below, the pots have equal mass.
Find the mass of the lamp.
Leave your answer in g.
Class 3 CBSE measurement worksheet
Ans: ______________g

11) Dan has a fish tank with a capacity of 32 ℓ.
He uses a bucket of capacity 4 ℓ to fill up the fish tank.
How many buckets of water does he use to fill up the fish tank?

Ans: __________________

12) The distance between Town B and Town C is 1 km 800 m while the distance between Town A and Town C is 5 km 50 m. Find the distance between Town A and Town B.

Class 3 CBSE measurement worksheet
Ans: ________km__________m

13) John has a cardboard of size 25 cm by 20 cm. If he cuts squares of 5 cm by 5 cm from the cardboard, what is the maximum number of squares he can cut?

  1. 500
  2. 20
  3. 5
  4. 4

14) The capacity of a pail was 5 litres.
1 080 mℓ  of water was poured in, followed by 1l 730mℓ  of water.
How much more water was needed to fill the pail to the brim?

  1. 2ℓ 190mℓ
  2. 2ℓ 810mℓ
  3. 3ℓ 270mℓ 
  4. 3ℓ 920mℓ

15) Express 6024 cm in metres and centimetres.

  1. 6 m 24 cm
  2. 6 m 20 cm
  3. 60 m 4 cm
  4. 60 m 24 cm

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