CBSE Class 3 Mathematics Money MCQs

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Here are a few important mathematics questions for Class 3 Maths on Chapter 14 Money for CBSE  and Maths Olympiads.

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1) Janice has 2 one- rupee coins, 3 fifty-paise coins, 4 twenty-paise coins and 7 ten-paise coins. How much money has she?

  1. ₹2.30
  2. ₹2.40
  3. ₹4.00
  4. ₹5.00


2) Maggie bought 3 packs of crayons and 6 stickersEach pack of crayon costs 85p. The stickers were on offer at 3 for ₹6.50. How much did she pay altogether?

CBSE Class 3 Mathematics Money MCQs

Answer : _____________


3) A T-shirt cost ₹ 70. If Janice bought 6 such T-shirts, how much change would she get if she paid the cashier with ten ₹ 50 notes?

CBSE Class 3 Mathematics Money MCQs

  1. ₹80
  2. ₹20
  3. ₹36
  4. ₹42

4) Some people visited an exhibition. The entrance fees are priced at ₹20 per child and ₹30 per adult. A total of ₹2010 were collected from the sale of the adults' tickets. 3 times as many children as adults visited the exhibition.

How much was collected from the sale of the childrens' tickets?

CBSE Class 3 Mathematics Money MCQs

Answer: ________

5) How many paises are there in 12?

Ans:__________ paises

6) Mr and Mrs Singh and their 3 children went to 'KidzPlay World.'

      KidzPlay World      


 Admission charges

Adult: ₹4.50

Children: ₹2.00


Mr Singh gave the cashier a ₹50 note.

How much change did he receive?




7) Ben has eight 50p coins and four 20p coins. He needs to buy a pencil that costs ₹5. How much more money does he need?

Answer: _____________


8) How many 20-paise coins can be exchanged with ₹5?



9) 2095 p= _________________

  1. ₹2.95
  2. ₹20.95
  3. ₹209.05
  4. ₹209.50

10) Suresh wanted to buy a gaming console from Ali.
It cost
9 000.
He had only 8 055.

He took 7 months to pay the rest of the money to Ali.
If he paid the same amount of money each month, how much would he have to pay each month?

CBSE Class 3 Mathematics Money MCQs


11) Mother bought 4 bags of marbles. Each bag had 10 marbles. How much money did Mother pay for all the marbles if each marble cost 10 paises?

CBSE Class 3 Mathematics Money MCQs

Answer: _____________

12)  How many twenty-paise coins have the same value as 6 fifty-paise coins?

Ans:__________ twenty-paise coins

13) Raja has 5 times as much money as Leslie. If Raja has ₹200, how much money do they have altogether?

  1. ₹205
  2. ₹240
  3. ₹1000
  4. ₹1200

14) Mrs Seth earns ₹80 an hour.
How many hours must she work to earn ₹8080?


Ans:__________ hours

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