GK Olympiad Class 2 - Sample question paper 03

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Q) Anuj's father has a sister. Her name is Vinita Sharma. Vinita Sharma is Anuj's ______.

(a) mother

(b) grandmother

(c) niece

(d) aunt

Answer: (d) aunt

Explanation: Vinita Sharma is Anuj's father's sister, making her Anuj's aunt.

Q) Sara's mother and Rubina's mother are sisters. Sara is Rubina's ______.

(a) grand daughter

(b) aunt

(c) cousin

(d) none of these

Answer: (c) cousin

Explanation: Sara and Rubina share a common mother, making them cousins.

Q) Mother's parents are my _______ grandparents. (2017)

(a) maternal

(b) paternal

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) none of these

Answer: (b) paternal

Explanation: Mother's parents are grandparents on the maternal side.

Q) Kaira is my mamaji's daughter. She is my _______.

(a) nephew

(b) niece

(c) cousin

(d) all of these

Answer: (c) cousin

Explanation: Kaira, being your mamaji's daughter, is your cousin.

Q) All the members of a family have a _______ surname.

(a) common

(b) large

(c) small

(d) none of these

Answer: (a) common

Explanation: Members of a family usually share a common surname.

Q) Which one of the following is mismatched?

(a) Grandfather – Grandmother

(b) Aunt – Uncle

(c) Father - Son

(d) Maternal uncle - Maternal aunt

Answer: (c) Father - Son

Explanation: Father and son are not mismatched; they represent different generations.

Q) Statement A: Paternal uncle is my chachaji. Statement B: Maternal uncle is my mamaji.

(a) Statement A is correct

(b) Statement B is correct

(c) Both (a) and (b) are correct

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) Both statements are correct

Explanation: Chachaji is a term for paternal uncle. Maternal uncle is a term for mamaji

Q) My mother's brother is my _______.

(a) Maternal uncle

(b) Paternal uncle

(c) Nephew

(d) Niece

Answer: (a) Maternal uncle

Explanation: Your mother's brother is your maternal uncle.

Q) Who among the following is NOT a family member?

(a) Grandparents

(b) Uncle

(c) Teacher

(d) Father

Answer: (c) Teacher

Explanation: A teacher is not typically considered a family member.

Q) Count the total number of family members from below.

Teacher, Gardener, Grandmother, Friend, Father, Aunt, Gatekeeper, Uncle

(a) 5

(b) 6

(c) 7

(d) 4

Answer: (d) 4

Explanation: Father, Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother are family members.

Q) Find the odd one out:

(a) Mother

(b) Sister

(c) Aunt

(d) Teacher

Answer: (d) Teacher

Explanation: Teacher is not a family member; the rest are family relations.

Q) I fix leaky water pipes. Who am I?

(a) Electrician

(b) Florist

(c) Plumber

(d) Garbage collector

Answer: (c) Plumber

Explanation: A plumber specializes in repairing and installing pipes and fixtures for water supply.

Q) I design buildings and ensure they are structurally sound. Who am I?

(a) Architect

(b) Chef

(c) Librarian

(d) Mechanic

Answer: (a) Architect

Explanation: An architect is a professional who designs buildings and oversees their construction.

Q) I represent clients in legal matters and court proceedings. Who am I?

(a) Chef

(b) Lawyer

(c) Carpenter

(d) Pilot

Answer: (b) Lawyer

Explanation: A lawyer provides legal advice and represents clients in legal matters.

Q) I care for and treat patients in a hospital. Who am I?

(a) Teacher

(b) Doctor

(c) Artist

(d) Engineer

Answer: (b) Doctor

Explanation: A doctor is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats illnesses and injuries.

Q) I repair and maintain vehicles. Who am I?

(a) Plumber

(b) Mechanic

(c) Florist

(d) Carpenter

Answer: (b) Mechanic

Explanation: A mechanic specializes in repairing and maintaining vehicles.

Q) I design and create visual concepts for various purposes. Who am I?

(a) Electrician

(b) Graphic Designer

(c) Plumber

(d) Gardener

Answer: (b) Graphic Designer

Explanation: A graphic designer creates visual concepts for print, web, and other media.

Q) I construct and repair wooden structures, such as furniture and frameworks. Who am I?

(a) Architect

(b) Carpenter

(c) Librarian

(d) Chef

Answer: (b) Carpenter

Explanation: A carpenter works with wood and constructs or repairs structures made of wood.

Q) I compose and perform musical pieces. Who am I?

(a) Pilot

(b) Musician

(c) Lawyer

(d) Engineer

Answer: (b) Musician

Explanation: A musician is an individual who composes and performs music.

Q) I analyze and interpret financial information for businesses. Who am I?

(a) Teacher

(b) Chef

(c) Accountant

(d) Pilot

Answer: (c) Accountant

Explanation: An accountant deals with financial information and prepares reports for businesses.

Q) I study celestial bodies and phenomena beyond Earth's atmosphere. Who am I?

(a) Astronomer

(b) Doctor

(c) Artist

(d) Engineer

Answer: (a) Astronomer

Explanation: An astronomer studies celestial bodies, including stars, planets, and galaxies.

Q) I diagnose and treat diseases in animals. Who am I?

(a) Botanist

(b) Veterinarian

(c) Librarian

(d) Mechanic

Answer: (b) Veterinarian

Explanation: A veterinarian is a professional who provides medical care to animals.

Q) I design and implement computer systems and networks. Who am I?

(a) Archaeologist

(b) Computer Scientist

(c) Florist

(d) Carpenter

Answer: (b) Computer Scientist

Explanation: A computer scientist works with computer systems and networks.

Q) I create and edit written content for various purposes. Who am I?

(a) Geologist

(b) Writer

(c) Pilot

(d) Mechanic

Answer: (b) Writer

Explanation: A writer is someone who creates and edits written content.

Q) I study and analyze historical events and their impact. Who am I?

(a) Historian

(b) Dentist

(c) Engineer

(d) Florist

Answer: (a) Historian

Explanation: A historian studies and analyzes historical events and their significance.

Q) I design and build machines and systems. Who am I?

(a) Architect

(b) Engineer

(c) Accountant

(d) Doctor

Answer: (b) Engineer

Explanation: An engineer designs and builds machines, systems, and structures.

Q) I work with stone, brick, or concrete to build walls, paths, and other structures. Who am I?

(a) Mason

(b) Nurse

(c) Postman

(d) Cobbler

Answer: (a) Mason

Explanation: A mason works with building materials like stone, brick, or concrete.

Q) I provide healthcare services and assist doctors in treating patients. Who am I?

(a) Mason

(b) Nurse

(c) Postman

(d) Cobbler

Answer: (b) Nurse

Explanation: A nurse provides healthcare services and supports doctors in patient care.

Q) I deliver mail and packages to people's homes. Who am I?

(a) Mason

(b) Nurse

(c) Postman

(d) Cobbler

Answer: (c) Postman

Explanation: A postman delivers mail and packages to people's homes.

Q) I repair and make shoes. Who am I?

(a) Mason

(b) Nurse

(c) Postman

(d) Cobbler

Answer: (d) Cobbler

Explanation: A cobbler repairs and makes shoes.

Q) I dispense medication and provide information about medicines. Who am I?

(a) Mason

(b) Nurse

(c) Postman

(d) Pharmacist

Answer: (d) Pharmacist

Explanation: A pharmacist dispenses medication and offers information about medicines.

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