Global Puzzle Contest - GPC


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Global Puzzle Contest - GPC, is an online contest conducted by Olympiadtester for puzzles enthusiasts. The unique and first of it's kind format of this contest ensures deep testing of a child's General knowledge through a variety of puzzles. 

Students need to solve online puzzles and then answer general knowledge questions. 


The contest is open for all students across age groups and countries.


The contest will remain open. It has no expiry date. However, only 1 attempt is allowed.


The student can take this online contest from the comforts of home. 


  • 05 online puzzles to be solved
  • 25 questions to be answered after solving the puzzles
  • Time allowed is 60 minutes 
  • Only 1 attempt is allowed


  • A certificate of "Global Puzzle Champion" will be issued instantly for scores > 70%. 
  • List of "Global Puzzle Champions" will be shared on the website and in various social media channels. 


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