Olympiadtester Certified Student exam (OCS) - Class 6 Science - Our Environment


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Olympiadtester Certified Student exam (OCS) - Class 6 Science - Our Environment should be taken by only those students who are confident that their concepts are very clear in this chapter. The questions in this open book high level certification exam will deeply test the ability of the student to apply the concepts. 


  • ACCESS - You get immediate access to your certification exam after the payment. Go to MY ACCOUNT. 
  • No of questions - 35
  • Score required for Certification - 90% and more
  • No of attempts allowed - 02. You can attempt the certification exam twice within 6 months of payment of the fees. However, there has to be a gap of 15 days between your first and second attempt. 
  • Open book - This is an open book exam. You are free to refer your textbooks and notes during the exam. However, you will not be allowed to change the tab in your browser. 
  • Certificate - Instant downloadable certificates for eligible scores will be issued on submission of the test. The score report and the merit certificate (if applicable) will be also mailed to the concerned email id


Why should my child take the OCS exams? 

It is our intent to inculcate the habit of winning early in a child. These certification exams are tough and would need the students to set goals and go after them in an organized manner. Their confidence after getting the OCS certification will be at a very different level. 

Are OCS exams recognized? 

OCS exams are for self evaluation and confidence building blocks for the child. We are not recognized by any board. 

What if students adopt unfair means? 

It is our strong conviction that sincere students would not resort to unfair means to acquire the certification as it is self defeating. This exam is meant to build up the confidence of the child and not for flashing it without actually earning it. 

Whom should i contact if i have further queries / need assistance? 

Please feel free to send a mail to support@olympiadtester.com or Whatsapp us at 7676875830


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