Class 3 Global Crossword Olympiad

Class 3 Global Crossword Olympiad GCO Science


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Class 3 Global Crossword Olympiad GCO Science is probably the first of it's kind global online contest for school students conducted by Olympiadtester. GCO allows you to benchmark your child's grasp of Science concepts with her/his global peers in a unique way without putting any pressure.

  • Thousands of students across 13+ Countries participate in our global contests and assessments regularly.
  • GCO has a unique and highly engaging structure will ensure that your child will have great fun during the process.
  • The medium of the contest is English.
  • GCO series includes assessments in Maths, Science, English, Reasoning and G.K


  • Any child from any country between Grade 1 to Grade 8 can register for Global Crossword Olympiad, GCO.
  • GCO is conducted on web-enables devices like laptop, tablet or desktop. Mobile devices are not encouraged.
  • After registration, the child will take the online crossword Olympiad from the comforts of home. You can access your GCO from "My Account" >> "My tests / Worksheets".
  • The student can take GCO on any day and any time after it opens on 1st October at 10.00 a.m. IST. However, the child is allowed only 1 attempt.
  • The closing date for GCO will be announced 15 days prior to the deadline. You will not be able to take the GCO after it closes.

Registration fees

  • In August - Rs 80
  • In September - Rs 125
  • After September - Rs 175

(Please note that you can register in the 1st week but opt to take the assessment on any day till it closes.)


  • CBSE, ICSE/ISC and other State Board syllabus is followed.
  • Total Crosswords: 10, Clues in each crossword: 10 to 15, Time: 60 minutes
  • CHAPTERS - Plants and Animals, Birds, Food, Housing, Clothing and Occupation, Transport, Communication and Safety Rules, Human Body, Earth and Universe, Matter and Materials, Light, Sound and Force, Our Environment.


You can practice for GCO here.


  • Our awards and recognition are instant and transparent.
  • Students scoring over 60% will be awarded with a digital merit certificate. The certificate is shared instantly on submission and also mailed to you.
  • Students scoring over 90% will be part of the coveted "Hall of Fame". This list would be prominently displayed on our website and also get wide publicity on social media.


Who all are eligible to take GCO?

Any child from any country between Grade 1 to Grade 8 can register for Global Crossword Olympiad, GCO.

What is the venue of GCO?

GCO is an online contest and will be taken by the students from the comforts of home. The student should have a working laptop, desktop or tablet with good Internet connection. The Internet connection speed should be 2 mbps and the desktop/laptop should have latest version of the browser (preferably Google Chrome). We do not encourage the student to take GCO using a Mobile device.

How do you ensure that students do not cheat?

The purpose of GCO is to allow the parents to assess their child against her / his global peers without putting any pressure.

So, we expect the parents to ensure that the child takes the test fair and square.

When will i get my score report and the answer keys?

Your detailed score report along with the answer keys will be shared with you immediately on submission. Also, it would be sent to your registered email id.

Where and when do i get to see the statistics and the global scoring pattern?

It will be shared on the 30th day of GCO opening. You will get to see this on the same page where you took GCO.

I had registered for GCO but missed taking it. Is there an option to take it later?

No. You will not be allowed to take GCO after it closes. However, the window for taking it is large.

Before paying the fees, I would like to take a sample GCO. Is there any option for the same?

Yes. You can attempt the sample GCO here.

I have registered and made the payment. What next?

Go to My Account >> My tests / worksheets >> Take test . Go to this page after GCO opens and take it. Remember you are allowed only 1 attempt.

What is your refund policy?

We do not refund part or full fees paid under any circumstances.


Please feel free to reach us via any option shared below for any queries / assistance related to GCO. You are assured of a response within 24 hours.



7676875830 . Pls message and do not call.



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