Unseen Passage for Class 1 to 10

Olympiad Tester's carefully curated 'Unseen Passage' collection helps students in grades 1 to 10, excel in the comprehension section of their English exams.

Crafted by experienced subject matter experts, our unseen passages offer a comprehensive and targeted approach to this section of the English exam. They conform to the latest IEO and CBSE syllabus and exam pattern, ensuring students are well-prepared for success.


Why Choose Olympiadtester's Unseen Passage?

Unseen Passage for Class 1 to 10

IEO English Olympiad Preparation: Reading comprehension is one of the four essential sections of IEO and other English Olympiad exams. Our Unseen Passage resources for IEO offer targeted practice, ensuring thorough preparation for this crucial segment of the upcoming examination.

CBSE English Exam Preparation: Our CBSE Unseen Passage collection is designed to aid students in scoring high marks in their English exams. As you are aware, this section accounts for approximately 25% of the total marks.

Aligned to Latest Syllabus: All passages are meticulously crafted to align with the latest syllabus for comprehension, as prescribed by CBSE and SOF.

Continuous Addition of Passages: Our commitment to students' success drives us to regularly add passages across various topics. This approach provides students with extensive and diverse practice, allowing for deeper comprehension skills.

Solutions for All Passages:Solutions for all passages help students identify areas for improvement, and enhance their overall comprehension skills.

About Unseen Passage

Unseen Passage is an important part of English exams, meant to check how well students comprehend what they read. It's designed to evaluate reading skills, language use, and how students think and critically analyze information.

This part shows students a new passage and asks questions to see if they understand it. The questions get a bit harder as students move up in grades, helping to measure their skills as they progress.



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