200+ Free UKG Worksheets

Olympiadtester provides 200+ free UKG worksheets in English, Maths, General Awareness, and EVS (Environmental Science). Our worksheets for UKG (upper kindergarten) cover all the topics of each subject and are activity-based, ensuring that kids are engaged while learning the concepts.

  • Our English UKG worksheets cover all the basics, including letters (AA-ZZ), identification, rhyming words, sound of letters, and more. 

  • Our Maths UKG worksheets cover pre-maths concepts, numbers (1-200), addition and subtraction without objects or pictures, forward and backward counting (1-50), money, shapes (circle, diamond, oval, rectangle, semi-circle, square, triangle), colors (black, white, pink, orange, green, purple, red, yellow, blue), and more. We also cover skip counting 2 & 5, time, and simple addition & subtraction using objects.

  • Our General Awareness UKG worksheets cover a variety of topics, including parts of the body, my home, seasons, my family, my school, different types of animals, and more. We also cover topics like transport (land, water, air), animals and their sounds, and animals and their young ones.

  • Our Environmental Science UKG worksheets cover a visit to a police station or post office, introduction to air, water, and sound pollution, introduction to traffic rules and safety, collecting living and non-living things, and all types of transport, including a demonstration in vehicles.

All of our worksheets are based on the CBSE UKG syllabus and are designed to provide your child with a solid foundation for their academic journey. Download our free UKG worksheets today and give your child the head start they deserve!



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