UKG Maths Worksheet

UKG Maths Worksheet Collection

Our UKG Maths Worksheet collection is designed to develop a strong foundation of Math concepts in early learners. Covering essential topics like Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Measurements, Shapes, Graphs & Charts, Patterns etc., these engaging and interactive colorful Maths worksheets for UKG ensure a fun-filled learning journey.

At Olympiadtester, we are committed to ensuring that your kindergartener transitions to Grade 1 with deep confidence. We update our UKG Maths Worksheet collection almost daily.

UKG Maths Worksheet Categories

Parents and teachers of UKG kids can select a Maths category from the options below and download all the worksheets they prefer. Whether it's mastering numbers, honing addition and subtraction skills, exploring shapes and patterns, understanding measurements or interpreting graphs and charts, we've got you covered.

Why Choose UKG Maths Worksheets from Olympiadtester?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our UKG Maths worksheets adhere to the CBSE syllabus and delve into each chapter meticulously. From fundamental pre-maths concepts like big-small, front-back, full-empty, to mastering numbers (1-200), addition, subtraction, and skip counting 2 & 5, we ensure that every aspect is thoroughly covered.

  • Engaging and Interactive: Our UKG Maths worksheets are designed to captivate young learners with a variety of engaging activities. From counting, tracing, and coloring to connect the dots and cut and paste exercises, we make learning Maths a delightful and stimulating experience for the tender minds.

  • Aligned and Up-to-date with CBSE Syllabus: Our worksheets are meticulously crafted to align and remain up-to-date with the CBSE UKG syllabus, ensuring seamless integration with classroom learning.

  • Preparation for Maths Olympiads: With over 250 activity-based worksheets, our resources are not just about classroom learning but also serve as an excellent foundation to prepare for Maths Olympiads like IMO and iOM.

  • Smooth Transition to Grade 1: Last but not least, Our UKG Maths worksheets are designed to facilitate a seamless transition to Grade 1 as the kids are well-prepared for the challenges of the next academic level.

UKG Maths Syllabus

For those following the CBSE or ICSE curriculum, the UKG Mathematics syllabus covers the following topics:

Pre-Maths Concepts

In–Out, More–Less, Right–Left, Same–Different, Tall–Short, Thick–Thin; Top–Bottom, Big–Small, Front–Back, Full–Empty, Heavy–Light

Numbers (1-200)

Money, Number Names (1-50), Picture Addition, Picture Subtraction, Putting Signs like ‘>’, ‘<’ and ‘=’, Simple Addition & Subtraction Using Objects, Skip Counting 2 & 5, Time, Writing, 1-digit Addition, 1-digit Subtraction, Addition and Subtraction Without Objects or Pictures, Before, After, Between Number (1-100), Count and Write, Colour and Match, Forward and Backward Counting (1-50)


Rectangle, Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Diamond, Oval


Orange, Green, Purple (Shades – Light & Dark), Red, Yellow, Blue (Shades – Light & Dark), Black, White, Pink (Shades – Light & Dark)

Other UKG Worksheets

Apart from our UKG Maths worksheet collection, Olympiadtester also provides free pdf worksheets for other subjects as well. You can view and download all the worksheets for free.



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