NSO Important questions for class 2

Get ahead in your Class 2 NSO Science Olympiad preparation with Olympiadtester's expert-curated important questions. Our team of experienced educators has designed these questions based on previous year papers and expected exam patterns, testing higher-order thinking science skills crucial for success in the Olympiad.

What makes our NSO important questions stand out is their exclusivity. Unlike textbook questions and other reference materials, our questions are crafted with precision to give students an edge over their peers. We offer flexible online or PDF worksheet formats for students to practice and improve at their own pace and convenience.

By practicing these NSO important questions for Class 2, students can gain the confidence and skills needed to excel in the exam and achieve their academic goals.


The questions provided have been carefully selected by experienced teachers and adhere strictly to the NSO syllabus. The topics covered in the syllabus include Plants, Animals, Human Body, Food, Housing and Clothing, Family and Festivals, Good Habits and Safety Rules, Transport and Communication, Air, Water and Rocks, Earth and Universe.

Based on the topics covered in the NSO syllabus for class 2, here are some important multiple-choice questions:


1. Which part of a plant absorbs sunlight and converts it into food

A) Roots 

B) Stem

C) Leaves

D) Flowers


2. Which of the following animals is a herbivore?

A) Lion

B) Deer

C) Tiger

D) Wolf


3.  Which organ pumps blood throughout the body?

A) Lungs

B) Heart

C) Liver

D) Kidneys


4. Which of the following is not a nutrient required by the human body?

A) Carbohydrates

B) Vitamins

C) Minerals

D) Fats


5. Which of the following is a type of traditional Indian clothing for women?

A) Kurta

B) Dhoti

C) Sari

D) Lungi


6. Which festival is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan?

A) Holi

B) Eid al-Fitr

C) Diwali

D) Christmas


7. Which of the following is not a good habit?

A) Brushing teeth twice a day

B) Eating junk food regularly

C) Washing hands before eating

D) Exercising regularly


8.  Which of the following is a mode of transportation on water?

A) Train

B) Bus

C) Car

D) Boat


9.  Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?

A) Fossil fuels

B) Nuclear power

C) Solar power

D) Natural gas


10.  Which of the following planets in our solar system is known as the "Red Planet"?

A) Earth

B) Venus

C) Mars

D) Jupiter

Here are the answers to the additional multiple-choice questions based on the NSO syllabus for class 2

  1. C) Leaves
  2. B) Deer
  3. B) Heart
  4. D) Fats
  5. C) Sari
  6. B) Eid al-Fitr
  7. B) Eating junk food regularly
  8. D) Boat
  9. C) Solar power
  10. C) Mars


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