Logical reasoning sample papers for Class 1

Solve Olympiadtester's Logical Reasoning Sample Papers for Class 1 online or as pdf. The logical reasoning section in SOF Olympiads like NCO, NSO and IMO has 5 to 10 marks.

It is important to do well in this section to secure a top rank in the upcoming Olympiads.


Q) How many questions and marks does the logical reasoning section of Class 1 NSO, IMO and NCO carry?

A) The details are shared below.

Questions  Marks
Class 1 IMO 10 10
Class 1 NSO 5 5
Class 1 NCO 5 5

Q) What is the syllabus of logical reasoning section in Olympiad exams?

A) The syllabus as issued by SOF is - Patterns, Odd One Out, Measuring Units, Geometrical Shapes, Spatial Understanding, Grouping, Analogy, Ranking Test, Problems based on Figures.

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