200+ Free LKG worksheets

Olympiadtester provides 200+ free LKG worksheets in English, Maths, General Awareness, and EVS (Environmental Science). Our worksheets for LKG (lower kindergarten) cover fundamental concepts in each subject and are designed to engage young learners effectively.

FAQs - LKG Worksheets

Q) What topics are covered in English?

LKG English worksheets of Olympiadtester cover - Pre-writing Strokes, Capital Letter (A-Z), Small Letter (a-z) and Phonetics.

Q) Do your LKG worksheets cover the Maths syllabus?

Yes, our Maths worksheets cover all the topics as per the CBSE syllabus - Shapes, Counting up to 3, Counting up to 5, Counting up to 10, Comparing, Positions, Classify, Size, and Money.

Q) Are there worksheets on general awareness for LKG?

Yes, there are many LKG worksheets that will enhance the general awareness and knowledge of kids.

Q) What topics do your LKG EVS worksheets cover?

Our Environmental Science LKG worksheets cover various engaging topics. These include a visit to places like a police station or post office, introduction to concepts such as air, water, and sound pollution, basic understanding of traffic rules and safety, distinguishing between living and non-living things, and an introduction to different types of vehicles through demonstrations.

Q) Which syllabus do your LKG worksheets follow?

All our worksheets are designed according to the CBSE LKG syllabus. They aim to provide a strong foundation for your child's academic journey. While primarily aligned with the syllabus, these worksheets are also highly beneficial for Olympiad exam preparation.



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