LKG English worksheets

Welcome to Olympiadtester's free LKG English worksheets. Our worksheets are designed to help young learners in lower kindergarten develop their language skills in a fun and engaging manner. With our comprehensive coverage of topics, your child can develop their phonics, writing, and listening skills.

  • Our pre-writing stroke worksheets cover standing lines, sleeping lines, left slanting lines, right slanting lines, left curves, right curves, up curves, and down curves. These worksheets help children develop the motor skills needed for writing.

  • Our capital letter worksheets cover identification, writing, and objects related to each letter. Small letter worksheets cover identification, writing, objects related to each letter, matching capital and small letters, vowels and consonants, phonic drills, vowel words, and rhyming words to improve listening skills.

  • Our phonetics worksheets cover the sound of letters, objects related to letters, vowels and consonants, vowel words, articles a/an, this-that and these-those, one-many, positions, and rhyming words. Our worksheets make use of genie boards, flashcards, oral interaction, written work, storytelling, and enactment to make learning fun and effective.

All of our LKG English worksheets are absolutely free! So why wait? Download them today and give your child a head start in language development.



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