IMO Results for Class 1

At Olympiadtester, we offer online mock tests for Class 1 students preparing for the Maths Olympiad. Our mock tests are designed to simulate the actual IMO exam and predict IMO results for Class 1 students fairly accurately.

The global scoring pattern of our IMO mock tests is a unique tool for IMO preparation, providing students with updated live scores and allowing them to compare their performance with their global peers.

These IMO results for Class 1 are an excellent indicator of your exam preparedness and the score and rank you can expect in the actual IMO exam. This global scoring pattern gives invaluable information on your performance, allowing you to make necessary adjustments and improve your chances of success.

If you haven't taken our online mock tests yet, you can access them by following this link - Take mock test. After taking the test, come back to this page and check your IMO results for Class 1 to get a fair idea of your performance.

This week's Global scoring pattern

The global scoring pattern is updated LIVE with each submission of online mock test.



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