IMO Mock tests for Class 2

Olympiadtester's IMO mock tests for Class 2 cover all the topics given in the SOF syllabus. These mock tests are  based on the exam pattern of previous year's Class 2 IMO exams and follow the same marking system along with the time frame so the students get an opportunity to test their preparedness for the upcoming Maths Olympiad exams. They also include HOT questions that help students qualify for Level 2 of the IMO exams. 

For our paid members, we provide explanations for each question at the end of the test. Our paid members can take each of the tests multiple times. These IMO MOCK tests are designed to sharpen the analytical minds of young students, helping them prepare for Olympiads with confidence.

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Our IMO mock tests for Class 2 are available in both online and PDF formats.



Class 2 IMO Online mock test 



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