Global Puzzle Championship for Kids

GPC or Global Puzzle Championship for kids is an online international competition conducted by Olympiadtester for puzzle enthusiasts. GPC follows the Olympic standard and deeply tests the Science, Vocabulary and General knowledge concepts of school students through crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, sliding puzzles, word search puzzles and word scrambles. 


You need to click and drag the jigsaw pieces and place them in the puzzle. The pieces will join correctly when placed correctly. Continue the process till the puzzles is solved. Lower the time you take, higher will be your score.

As a first step, separate the pile of the jigsaw pieces. Then, check the outlines in the frame within which the puzzle needs to be solved. This will help you with the correct placing of the pieces. 

Puzzle 01

Puzzle 02

Puzzle 03

Puzzle 04

Puzzle 05

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