Vocabulary for Primary levels made easy - Worksheet 01

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The topic of Vocabulary for Primary levels made easy - Worksheet 01 is "Idioms, Proverbs an Figure of speech". You can download and print this PDF sample paper.

Highly recommended for students for appearing for English Olympiad exams like IEO, IOEL, ICAS/IAIS English and UIEO. 

    Fill in the blanks with the phrases given in the box. Each phrase may be used only once. Share the answers in the comments section. Correct answers will help you earn points for your first/next badge. 

    1. From the top of the mountains, we could get ________________ of the surrounding countryside. 
    2. My father ________________ for this basketball with the signature of a famous baseball player. 
    3. I regret eating the whole cake ________________. Now i have a terrible stomach ache. 
    4. The book you are looking for is right ________________. 
    5. Do not ________________. Let the police deal with him. 
    6. Kishore is a ________________ person. He will not give up his job to become a poet. 
    7. The manager gave his most trusted worker ________________ to do what he wanted in the new project. 
    8. Since you were in the wrong, you have to ________________. Tell your parents what happened. 
    9. My grandfather is ________________. We have to speak very loudly to him at all times. 
    10. Swarna is like ________________ when she is with other girls. She prefers to play cricket with the boys in the field. 

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