Online jigsaw puzzle - Country flag of Honduras

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You can solve this online jigsaw puzzle for kids - Country flag of Honduras with 6 to 108 pieces or at various difficulty levels (Easy, Medium or Hard) while learning  interesting facts about it. 

The flag of Honduras is composed of three horizontal stripes where two are blue and a white one is placed in-between. The blue stripes denote the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. In the middle of the white stripe, a grouping of five blue five-pointed stars in the shape of the letter "X" is located. The stars are the remaining of the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America, whose member was Honduras together with El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

This union lasted seventeen years and the stars should express a wish to recreate the federation. Honduras has been for a long time dilapidating under the domination of several dictators, whose practices caused that Honduras currently belongs to one of the least developed states of Central America.

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