Match the Animals to the Sahara Desert

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Embark on a thrilling safari adventure with this free kindergarten worksheet! Children will love drawing lines to the animals that belong in the Sahara Desert, while getting creative and coloring them in with bright, bold colors to make them stand out.

  • See that big animal with a hump on its back? That's a camel, and its hump is filled with fat that provides energy and helps it survive in the harsh, dry conditions of the Sahara Desert.
  • Keep an eye out for the desert fox, too! It's a clever and resourceful animal with distinctive long ears that help it regulate its body temperature and hear prey even from far away, making it a true master of survival in the harsh conditions of the Sahara Desert.

With an exciting and engaging title, this worksheet is the perfect way to ignite young imaginations and explore the diverse wildlife of the world.

Watch as your child becomes a desert animal expert with this fun and educational activity!


Free kindergarten worksheet with cartoon animals in Sahara scene. Connect animals to habitat, color in. Fun, educational activity for young learners.

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