Tracing Sight Words with Kindergarteners

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Tracing sight words can be a fun and engaging activity for kindergarteners to learn and recognize new words.

Today, we will be tracing four sight words: "me", "she", "and", and "look". The word "me" is used when talking about oneself. For example, "Can you give me the ball?" or "My teacher gave me a book to read". "She" is used to refer to a female person. For instance, "She is my friend" or "She likes to dance". "And" is a conjunction that connects two or more ideas in a sentence. For instance, "I like to play soccer and basketball" or "The cat is black and white". Finally, "look" is a verb that means to direct one's gaze towards something. For example, "Look at the beautiful flower" or "Look both ways before crossing the street".

To start tracing these sight words, take your pencil or crayon and follow the dotted lines to write each word. Tracing sight words is a great way to build confidence and improve reading skills, so let's get started and have some fun!

A worksheet with four sight words "me", "she", "and", and "look" to trace, with dotted lines and arrows indicating the correct stroke order.

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