Logic Table # 22

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Welcome to the exciting world of button matching! Get ready to sort and match colorful buttons in this thrilling logic table adventure.

In this fun activity, you will be cutting and pasting buttons to complete a logic table using clues of blue and yellow colors and two shapes. Each button is unique and colorful, so pay close attention to the colors and shapes of the buttons.

Using your amazing sorting and matching skills, you will be able to fill up the table with the perfect combination of blue and yellow buttons. Cut out the buttons and paste them in the correct cells according to the shape and color clues given.

Let your creativity run wild as you mix and match the buttons to complete the logic table. With each button perfectly placed, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction that only comes from mastering a logic puzzle.

So, get your scissors and glue ready and let's dive into the exciting world of button matching!


Kindergarten worksheet

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