Hangman - Ten Marsupials

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Hangman puzzles for kids are educational fun brain games designed by Olympiadtester to expand the general knowledge & vocabulary of our students.

Solve this hangman puzzle on "Ten marsupials" and share the answers in the comments section, along with the score. This will earn you points for your first/next badge. 

About Marsupials

  • belong to the mammal family
  • their distinctive characteristic is that they carry their young in a pouch.
  • about 70% are found in Australasia while 30% are found in the Americas.


  • Click on an alphabet which you think will be there in the word. If there, it will appear in all the blanks in the right position(s). If not, 
  • Continue clicking, till you complete the word.
  • Too many wrong guesses will make you lose the game.


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