Free Online Chapter-wise tests by Olympiadtester for Class 4 NSO preparation

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Why buy Class 4 NSO preparation material when the best and most comprehensive course is available for free?

Vidyaguide has partnered with Olympiadtester for Class 4 NSO preparation to offer it's online chapter-wise tests for free. 

Olympiadtester, the leader in Olympiad exam preparation has delivered over 1 million NSO (National Science Olympiad) online tests. Here is why these Class 4 NSO chapter-wise practice tests are so popular with students and parents alike.

  • Multiple tests for each chapter as per the syllabus. Free online Class 4 NSO practice tests cover the following chapters:
    • Plants, Animals, Food and Digestion, Clothing, Matter and Materials, Force, Work and Energy, Our Environment, Earth and Universe.
  • You get instant score report with explanations upon submission. You also get a merit certificate for a good score in the Class 4 NSO practice test. 
  • The Class 4 NSO question bank of Olympiadtester in each chapter will give deep practice and confidence to the child before the actual exam

When you go to the course of Olympiadtester for National Science Olympiad, NSO, Class 4 chapter-wise practice tests, you also get access to sample question papers with syllabus, mock tests, links to buy the best books and reference material, previous year papers and printable PDF worksheets


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