English Olympiad Class 10 - Sample question paper 01

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Unseen Passage for Class 10 is the reading and comprehension section of the IEO English Olympiad exam. Our unseen passage collection of 15 passages will help you ace it with ease.


Unseen passage 01 - Class 10

In the heart of the bustling metropolis, at the break of dawn, amidst the urban cacophony, young Jason stood at the precipice of a new era. He had embarked on a quest for self-discovery, driven by an insatiable curiosity to unravel the mysteries of life. The city, with its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, lay before him like an open book, brimming with opportunities and challenges.

As the sun cast its warm rays upon the cityscape, Jason took a deep breath, preparing himself for the journey ahead. The streets were alive with the hustle and bustle of a thousand footsteps, and the air was filled with the aroma of ambition and possibility. It was a make-or-break moment, a time when dreams took flight or faltered under the weight of reality.

Jason's first encounter was with Mr. Anderson, a seasoned entrepreneur known for his shrewd business acumen. With a twinkle in his eye, Mr. Anderson imparted his words of wisdom to the young adventurer. "Remember, Jason, the early bird catches the worm. Success favors those who seize opportunities with unwavering determination."

Armed with this advice, Jason embarked on a path strewn with obstacles and uncertainties. He encountered Ms. Parker, a visionary artist who encouraged him to think outside the box. "Jason, don't be afraid to color outside the lines. Creativity knows no bounds, and true innovation lies in breaking free from the confines of convention."

With each step, Jason grew more resilient, embracing the challenges that came his way. He crossed paths with Dr. Harrison, a renowned scientist, who emphasized the importance of perseverance. "Jason, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Great achievements require patience, dedication, and a willingness to learn from failure."

The city became Jason's classroom, and its diverse inhabitants his teachers. He met Mr. Roberts, a seasoned lawyer, who stressed the significance of integrity in the face of adversity. "Jason, always take the high road. Trust is built on honesty, and your reputation is your most valuable asset."

Throughout his journey, Jason encountered countless trials and tribulations, but his determination remained unwavering. He internalized the wisdom bestowed upon him by the city's mentors, forging his own path with a newfound sense of purpose.

Now, let's proceed to the set of questions:

Q1) What was Jason's motivation for embarking on his journey?

a) Wealth and fame b) Curiosity and self-discovery c) Family expectations d) Escape from reality

Answer: b)

Q2) Who is Mr. Anderson?

a) An artist b) A scientist c) An entrepreneur d) A lawyer

Answer: c)

Q3) What advice did Ms. Parker give to Jason?

a) Embrace challenges and uncertainties b) Follow established rules and conventions c) Pursue wealth and success at any cost d) Avoid taking risks and playing it safe

Answer: a)

Q4) Who is Dr. Harrison?

a) A teacher b) A scientist c) A lawyer d) An artist

Answer: b)

Q5) What did Mr. Roberts emphasize to Jason?

a) The importance of patience and perseverance b) The significance of creativity and innovation c) The value of honesty and integrity d) The need to seize opportunities with determination

Answer: c) 

Q6) What does "shrewd" mean in the passage?

a) Wise and discerning b) Naive and gullible c) Impulsive and reckless d) Ambitious and driven

Answer: a)

Q7) What does "adversity" mean in the passage?

a) Wealth and success b) Comfort and security c) Challenges and difficulties d) Opportunities and possibilities

Answer: c)

Q8) What does "internalized" mean in the passage?

a) Expressed externally b) Suppressed and hidden c) Processed and understood d) Ignored and overlooked

Answer: c) 

Q9) True or False: Jason's journey was smooth and without any obstacles.

Answer: False

Q10) "Success favors those who ________ opportunities with unwavering determination."

a) seize b) avoid c) overlook d) abandon

Answer: a) 

Unseen passage 02 - Class 10

Olivia opened her eyes to the sound of shouting and the rapid pitter-patter of footsteps. A hefty man in a long white apron hurried past her, vigorously waving a wooden spoon in the air.

"What's going on?" Olivia wondered as she sat up on the grass next to a dusty path.

The man abruptly stopped running and turned towards Olivia, still brandishing the spoon. "Did you see that?" he asked, his voice filled with frustration.

"No, I'm sorry, I didn't," Olivia replied.

"Gone. They're all gone," the man sighed heavily. "How will my bakery survive if my gingerbread people keep running away?"

Curious, Olivia spoke up. "Excuse me, did you say your gingerbread people can run?"

The baker nodded, stepping closer to Olivia. "Indeed they can. I've given them legs," he explained, extending his hand to help Olivia up. "I'm Chef Oscar, and I bake the most delightful cookies you can imagine. Once they're cooked, my gingerbread people have a tendency to leap right off the pan with a snap."

Impressed, Olivia expressed her desire to taste one of Chef Oscar's cookies. She also suggested a solution: "What if you locked the bakery doors before removing the pan from the oven?"

Chef Oscar shook his head, reminiscing about a failed attempt. "I've tried that before, my dear. It turned into utter chaos! Gingerbread people were darting around the bakery, colliding with me, the walls, and each other. No, that approach kept them inside the bakery but didn't keep them still."

Undeterred, Olivia offered another idea. "What if you wrapped licorice around their legs before baking them?"

Chef Oscar pondered for a moment, then gently shook his head. "Ah, licorice would melt in the hot oven. Unfortunately, that wouldn't slow them down at all."

As Olivia pondered further, inspiration struck. "I know! In some places, they shape cookies like gingerbread into hearts. What if you used a heart-shaped cookie cutter for your gingerbread people?"

Chef Oscar's eyes lit up with excitement. "Olivia, my dear, that might just be the solution! I hadn't considered that. I'll give it a try."

The conversation continued, and Olivia's imaginative suggestions brought renewed hope to Chef Oscar. However, soon Olivia woke up from her dream, eager to share her imaginative encounter with her mom.

Q1) Who is the baker in the story?

a) Chef Samuel b) Chef Oscar c) Chef Samuel d) Chef Oscar

Answer: b)

Q2) Why is Chef Oscar upset?

a) His bakery is closing down. b) His gingerbread people keep running away. c) He ran out of baking ingredients. d) He burned the cookies in the oven.

Answer: b)

Q3) What did Olivia suggest to help keep the gingerbread people from running away?

a) Locking the bakery doors b) Wrapping licorice around their legs c) Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter d) Making smaller gingerbread people

Answer: c)

Q4) How did Chef Oscar react to Olivia's suggestion?

a) He dismissed it as unhelpful. b) He thanked her for the idea. c) He got angry with Olivia. d) He didn't understand her suggestion.

Answer: b) 

Q5) What happened to Olivia at the end of the story?

a) She woke up from her dream. b) She became a baker. c) She started making her own cookies. d) She forgot about the gingerbread people.

Answer: a)

Q6) What does the word "frustration" mean in the passage?

a) Happiness b) Confusion c) Anger or annoyance d) Excitement

Answer: c)

Q7) What does the word "inspiration" mean in the passage?

a) A feeling of tiredness b) A sudden burst of creativity or motivation c) A state of confusion d) A strong dislike or hatred

Answer: b) 

Q8) True or False: Olivia's suggestions successfully solved the problem of the gingerbread people running away.

Answer: False

Q9) What did Olivia suggest to help keep the gingerbread people from running away? Olivia suggested using a ________________-shaped cookie cutter.

a) Circle b) Triangle c) Heart d) Square

Answer: c) 


We have shared 10 more unseen passages, so that Class 2 students can get ample practice before appearing for this important section of the English exam.

Unseen passage 03 - Class 10

My class is going on a special trip to the cinema next week. Before we go, we have to make sure our parents sign the permission slips. We also need to ask our parents if they can drive us to the movie theater. The movie we are going to watch is based on a book we read. It's always exciting when books are turned into movies because we can compare them. Personally, I usually prefer the book over the movie because it allows me to imagine the characters in my own way.

On the day of the trip, we arrive at the cinema early so that we can buy some popcorn. Some of us also like to get candy and slushes. We all have a great time watching the movie. When we return to school, we discuss the things that were in both the movie and the book. Although the movie and the book have similarities, we all agree that we like the book better. Books give us the freedom to imagine the characters however we want.

Q1) What do the students need to do before going on the field trip?

a) Sign permission slips b) Bring their favorite books c) Buy tickets for the movie d) Ask their parents to drive them

Answer: a)

Q2) Why do the students enjoy movies based on books?

a) They are more fun to watch b) They have better special effects c) They allow comparison between the movie and the book d) They provide free popcorn

Answer: c)

Q3) What does the narrator usually prefer, the movie or the book?

a) The movie b) Both equally c) The book d) None of the above

Answer: c)

Q4) Why do the students arrive at the cinema early?

a) To buy popcorn b) To meet their friends c) To find the best seats d) To take pictures

Answer: a)

Q5) How do the students feel about the book compared to the movie?

a) They like the movie better b) They think both are equally good c) They like the book better d) They haven't decided yet

Answer: c) 

Q6) What does the word "permission" mean in the passage?

a) Going to the cinema b) Asking for a favor c) Getting approval to do something d) Bringing a book

Answer: c) 

Q7) What does the word "special effects" mean in the passage?

a) Unusual events in a story b) Visual or sound effects used in movies c) Unique characters in a book d) Extra features in a cinema

Answer: b) 

Q8) What does the word "narrator" mean in the passage?

a) The person who tells a story b) The main character in a book c) The director of a movie d) The person who sells tickets at the cinema

Answer: a) 

Q9) True or False: The students prefer the movie over the book.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks. Books let you __________ the characters any way you want to __________ them.

a) imagine, picture b) watch, see c) describe, show d) change, create

Answer: a)

Unseen passage 04 - Class 10

Lila and her brother Ethan went on a camping trip with their parents. Ethan and Dad worked together to set up the tent, while Lila and Mom gathered sticks to start a fire. Once the tent was ready, they started a fire in the designated pit. Lila and Ethan searched for long, pointed sticks to cook hot dogs over the fire while it was getting hot. They found four perfect sticks, one for each of them.

Lila, Ethan, Mom, and Dad carefully skewered two hot dogs each on their sticks. They held the sticks over the fire and slowly rotated them to ensure that every side of the hot dogs was evenly cooked. Then they placed the cooked hot dogs into buns and added ketchup and mustard. The hot dogs tasted delicious.

After enjoying their hot dogs, Lila brought out marshmallows for dessert. They all roasted marshmallows over the fire until they turned a beautiful golden brown. Then they eagerly devoured the sweet treats.

Gathering around the bonfire and savoring marshmallows is Lila and Ethan's favorite part of camping.

Q1) Who helped set up the tent?

a) Lila and Ethan b) Mom and Dad c) Lila and Mom d) Ethan and Dad

Answer: d)

Q2) What did Lila and Ethan use to cook hot dogs over the fire?

a) Sticks b) Forks c) Tongs d) Spatulas

Answer: a)

Q3) What did they add to the hot dogs?

a) Mustard and ketchup b) Mayonnaise and relish c) BBQ sauce and onions d) Cheese and pickles

Answer: a)

Q4) What did they roast over the fire for dessert?

a) Hot dogs b) Burgers c) Marshmallows d) Apples

Answer: c)

Q5) What is Lila and Ethan's favorite part of camping?

a) Setting up the tent b) Cooking hot dogs c) Eating marshmallows d) Collecting firewood

Answer: c) 

Q6) What does the word "bonfire" mean?

a) A large tent b) A campsite c) A big fire outdoors d) A camping stove

Answer: c)

Q7) What does the word "skewered" mean?

a) Gathering sticks b) Cooking over an open fire c) Roasting marshmallows d) Piercing with a sharp object

Answer: d)

Q8) What does the word "devoured" mean?

a) Enjoyed b) Threw away c) Shared d) Ate hungrily

Answer: d)

Q9) True or False: Lila and Ethan cooked their hot dogs in the oven.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks. Sitting around the __________ and eating __________ is Lila and Ethan's favorite part of camping.

a) campfire, hamburgers b) bonfire, marshmallows c) tent, sandwiches d) stove, cookies

Answer: b) 

Unseen passage 05 - Class 10

Sophie and her brother Max enjoy playing a game of throw and catch. They engage in throwing softballs, footballs, and tennis balls back and forth in their backyard. On occasion, they head to the local park to have more space for their throws. During rainy days, they shift their game to the basement, where they use a tennis ball that bounces off the walls. Sophie feels a tinge of sadness as her brother is about to attend soccer camp for a week during the summer. She worries about not having anyone to play catch with while he is away.

In the week leading up to Max's departure, they visit the park together. To their delight, they notice a girl named Mia practicing her ball-tossing skills all by herself. Sophie and Max extend a warm invitation to her, inviting her to join in their catch game. Sophie's spirits lift as she now has a newfound friend, Mia, to play catch with while her brother is away at camp.

Q1) What are the balls that Sophie and Max play catch with?

a) Softballs, footballs, and tennis balls b) Baseballs, soccer balls, and basketballs c) Golf balls, ping pong balls, and bowling balls d) Volleyballs, hockey pucks, and cricket balls

Answer: a) Softballs, footballs, and tennis balls

Q2) Where do Sophie and Max play catch when it's raining?

a) In the backyard b) At the park c) In the basement d) At soccer camp

Answer: c)

Q3) Why is Sophie sad?

a) Because Max is going to soccer camp b) Because it is raining outside c) Because she doesn't like playing catch d) Because she lost her ball

Answer: a)

Q4) Who joins Sophie and Max at the park?

a) Mia b) Lily c) Sarah d) Emma

Answer: a)

Q5) How does Sophie feel after meeting Mia?

a) Sad b) Angry c) Happy d) Confused

Answer: c) 

Q6) What does the word "engage" mean?

a) Play b) Watch c) Run d) Hide

Answer: a)

Q7) What does the word "shift" mean?

a) Move b) Stay c) Sleep d) Jump

Answer: a)

Q8) What does the word "tossing" mean?

a) Throwing gently b) Catching skillfully c) Hitting hard d) Kicking high

Answer: a) 

Q9) True or False: Sophie and Max play catch in the basement using a basketball.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks: Sophie feels sad because Max is going to ________ camp.

a) soccer b) baseball c) swimming d) dance

Answer: a) soccer

Unseen passage 06 - Class 10

We have been introduced to the art of writing friendly letters in our school. While practice letters are fine, the idea of composing a genuine letter to someone intrigued me. Just as I was contemplating it, our teacher, Mrs. Johnson, surprised us with the news that we would indeed be writing a letter to someone real! The classroom buzzed with excitement, prompting Mrs. Johnson to calm us down and proceed with her announcement.

She shared that we would be writing to second graders in England to learn about their life there. The thought of exchanging letters with kids from another country sounded fascinating! I eagerly awaited the opportunity to begin. Mrs. Johnson distributed the names of our pen pals, and she encouraged us to utilize our knowledge of friendly letters to communicate with them. My pen pal's name was Charlie. Mrs. Johnson specified that our letters must include two questions:

  1. Which holidays do you celebrate throughout the year?

  2. What do you enjoy playing?

In addition to answering these questions, we were free to share other details about our favorite activities and provide insights into our school life if we wished.

After a few weeks, the day arrived when we received letters back from our pen pals. It was an exhilarating moment! I discovered that Charlie enjoys playing video games, just like us. Interestingly, they celebrate many of the same holidays we do, such as April Fool's Day! Charlie even shared a prank he planned to play on his dad. However, I learned about a holiday called Boxing Day that they celebrate, which I was not familiar with. It was fascinating to explore the similarities and differences between living in different countries. I'm eagerly looking forward to learning more about my new pen pal, Charlie!

Q1) What are the students learning to write at school?

a) Formal letters b) Practice letters c) Informative essays d) Storybooks

Answer: b) 

Q2) Who is the teacher in the passage?

a) Mrs. Snow b) Mrs. Johnson c) Mrs. Smith d) Mrs. Davis

Answer: b) 

Q3) What were the two questions the students had to include in their letters?

a) Who is your favorite teacher? What is your favorite color? b) What is your favorite food? What is your favorite animal? c) Which holidays do you celebrate? What do you like to play? d) How many siblings do you have? What is your favorite book?

Answer: c)

Q4) What holiday did the pen pal mention that the narrator was not familiar with?

a) April Fool's Day b) Boxing Day c) Christmas d) New Year's Day

Answer: b) 

Q5) How did the narrator feel about the letters from the pen pals?

a) Annoyed b) Bored c) Excited d) Confused

Answer: c) 

Q6) What does the word "intrigued" mean?

a) Interested or curious b) Bored or disinterested c) Scared or frightened d) Angry or upset

Answer: a)

Q7) What does the word "fascinating" mean?

a) Boring or uninteresting b) Exciting or captivating c) Scary or terrifying d) Sad or heartbreaking

Answer: b) 

Q8) What does the word "insights" mean?

a) Ideas or thoughts b) Objects or things c) Actions or behaviors d) Sounds or noises

Answer: a) 

Q9) True or False: The students were instructed to include three questions in their letters.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks  - The students were asked to include information about their favorite ________ in their letters.

a) movies b) books c) hobbies d) cities

Answer: c) 

Unseen passage 07 - Class 10

Max and his younger brother, Liam, eagerly await the arrival of spring. It's their favorite time of the year because they have a special tradition—they visit the pond at the end of their street to search for tadpoles. The two brothers find immense joy in catching the tadpoles and witnessing their magical transformation into frogs.

One fine spring day, as Max and Liam venture to the pond, they spot a magnificent painted turtle perched on a log, basking in the warm sunlight. Liam excitedly points out the turtle, marveling at its unique appearance. Max contemplates the idea of catching the turtle, but Liam expresses his preference for catching tadpoles instead. Max agrees, and together, they focus on their familiar quest.

With their trusty bucket in hand, Max and Liam carefully gather tadpoles from the pond, ensuring not to harm them. Satisfied with their collection, they make their way back home. Once home, they transfer the tadpoles into a spacious tub, providing them with a safe haven. To protect the tadpoles from potential predators, they cover the tub with a screen. They also ensure the tub remains in a shaded area to prevent the water from becoming too warm.

Dedicated to the well-being of their tadpoles, Max and Liam diligently visit the pond every day. They fetch fresh water and gather leaves from the bottom of the pond, which serve as nourishment for the growing tadpoles. Over the course of six weeks, the tadpoles undergo a remarkable metamorphosis and transform into fully-fledged frogs. Filled with joy and a sense of fulfillment, Max and Liam return the frogs to their natural habitat—the pond—where they can lead happy lives.

Q1) What is Max's younger brother's name?

a) Will b) Liam c) Ethan d) Jake

Answer: b) 

Q2) What do Max and Liam search for at the pond?

a) Fish b) Turtles c) Tadpoles d) Ducks

Answer: c)

Q3) What do Max and Liam use to cover the tub?

a) Lid b) Net c) Screen d) Plastic wrap

Answer: c)

Q4) How long does it take for the tadpoles to turn into frogs?

a) One week b) Three weeks c) Six weeks d) Ten weeks

Answer: c)

Q5) Where do Max and Liam return the frogs?

a) Their backyard b) The park c) The pond d) A pet store

Answer: c) 

Q6) What does the word "marveling" mean?

a) Wondering or admiring b) Frowning or scowling c) Crying or sobbing d) Laughing or giggling

Answer: a)

Q7) What does the word "metamorphosis" mean?

a) Growth or development b) Sleep or rest c) Danger or threat d) Speed or agility

Answer: a)

Q8) What does the word "nourishment" mean?

a) Hunger or starvation b) Thirst or dehydration c) Food or sustenance d) Exhaustion or fatigue

Answer: c) 

Q9) True or False: Max and Liam keep the tadpoles in direct sunlight.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks - Max and Liam collect fresh water and ________ from the bottom of the pond for the tadpoles to eat.

a) rocks b) leaves c) shells d) flowers

Answer: b)

Unseen passage 08 - Class 10

Oliver approached his mother with a request to ride his bicycle to the park. With a condition, she granted permission, stating that he must wear his helmet during the ride.

Upon arriving at the park, Oliver discovered a scene bustling with activity. People of all ages held garbage bags, including some of his friends and teachers. Emma, his close friend, informed Oliver that everyone was joining forces to clean the park. Emma then asked Oliver if he would lend a hand, to which he readily agreed, promptly requesting a garbage bag.

The sight that met Oliver's eyes was disheartening. Garbage was scattered everywhere, ranging from candy wrappers and juice pouches to newspapers and apple cores. Determined to make a difference, Oliver began picking up the litter, feeling a mix of disgust and responsibility.

After an hour of diligent work, Oliver managed to fill three large garbage bags. His friends were equally dedicated, contributing significantly to the cleanup efforts.

Once the task was completed, one of the teachers arranged for the filled garbage bags to be loaded into his pickup truck, which would transport them to the dump. The park now sported a renewed appearance, much cleaner than before. To further encourage cleanliness, signs were erected throughout the park, reminding visitors to dispose of their trash in the designated garbage cans.

As a token of appreciation, the teachers treated everyone who participated in the park cleanup to pizza and refreshing lemonade. After the satisfying meal, Oliver and his friends conscientiously deposited their own trash in the provided garbage cans, reinforcing their commitment to keeping the park clean.

Q1) What condition did Oliver's mother have for him to ride his bike to the park?

a) Wear a helmet b) Bring a friend along c) Ride slowly d) Carry a water bottle

Answer: a)

Q2) Why were there so many people at the park holding garbage bags?

a) They were having a picnic b) They were playing games c) They were participating in a cleanup d) They were selling snacks

Answer: c)

Q3) What did Oliver and his friends put their garbage into after eating?

a) Their backpacks b) Recycling bins c) Garbage cans d) Picnic baskets

Answer: c)

Q4) What did the signs around the park ask people to do?

a) Bring their own garbage bags b) Avoid the park c) Keep the park dirty d) Put garbage in the garbage cans

Answer: d)

Q5) What did the teachers provide as a treat for the park cleaners?

a) Ice cream b) Pizza and lemonade c) Hamburgers and fries d) Candy and soda

Answer: b) 

Q6) What does the word "bustling" mean?

a) Quiet and still b) Busy and energetic c) Empty and deserted d) Calm and serene

Answer: b)

Q7) What does the word "conscientiously" mean?

a) Carelessly b) Lazily c) Meticulously d) Haphazardly

Answer: c)

Q8) What does the word "disheartening" mean?

a) Encouraging and uplifting b) Exciting and thrilling c) Discouraging and saddening d) Surprising and shocking

Answer: c) 

Q9) True or False: Oliver and his friends were rewarded with ice cream for their park cleanup efforts.

Answer: False

Q10) To ensure a ________ park, signs were put up urging visitors to dispose of their trash properly.

a) dirty b) clean c) noisy d) crowded

Answer: b) 

Unseen passage 09 - Class 10

Eva adores her grandpa. He resides in Texas and pays a visit every month. She yearns for more frequent visits, as her grandpa captivates her with fascinating tales and prepares her favorite dinner.

Yearning for a taste of her grandpa's specialty, Eva requests her mom to replicate his barbeque chicken recipe. However, her mom replies, "I will give it a try, but no one can quite match Grandpa's culinary skills."

Eva attentively observes her mom as she prepares the savory sauce for the chicken. The aroma fills the air, enticing her taste buds. As the family gathers around the table to enjoy the meal, it becomes evident that her mom's rendition, while delicious, falls short of her grandpa's mastery.

During her grandpa's subsequent visit, Eva eagerly recounts the tale of her mom's attempt to recreate the chicken. Her grandpa responds with enthusiasm, acknowledging it as a delightful story. In a heartwarming gesture, he proceeds to teach Eva and her mom the secrets behind his renowned barbeque chicken recipe.

Driven by their newfound knowledge, Eva and her mom embark on a culinary adventure, preparing the barbeque chicken once a week. Although their attempts continue to be scrumptious, they humbly admit that it still cannot rival the unparalleled taste of Grandpa's version. Regardless, Eva's love for her grandpa remains unwavering.

Q1) Where does Eva's grandpa live?

a) California b) Texas c) New York d) Florida

Answer: b)

Q2) How often does Eva's grandpa come to visit?

a) Once a week b) Twice a month c) Once a month d) Once a year

Answer: c)

Q3) What dish does Eva's mom attempt to make?

a) Barbeque chicken b) Pizza c) Spaghetti d) Salad

Answer: a)

Q4) What is Eva's opinion of her grandpa's cooking?

a) She doesn't like it b) It's okay c) It's the best d) She prefers her mom's cooking

Answer: c)

Q5) How often do Eva and her mom make the barbeque chicken?

a) Once a month b) Once a week c) Twice a week d) Only on special occasions

Answer: b) 

Q6) What does the word "culinary" mean?

a) Relating to cooking b) Relating to gardening c) Relating to painting d) Relating to dancing

Answer: a)

Q7) What does the word "rendition" mean?

a) A song or performance b) A story or tale c) A painting or artwork d) A poem or verse

Answer: a)

Q8) What does the word "unwavering" mean?

a) Constant and steady b) Uncertain and shaky c) Moving and changing d) Quick and impulsive

Answer: a) 

Q9) True or False: Eva's mom's barbeque chicken tasted better than her grandpa's.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks - Eva's mom attempts to replicate her grandpa's ________ chicken recipe.

a) barbeque b) pasta c) sushi d) dessert

Answer: a) barbeque

Unseen passage 10 - Class 10

Vroom! Vroom! The speedy cars were all practicing for the upcoming grand race. Round and round the track they zoomed, skillfully maneuvering through cones, tackling sharp curves, and launching forward as soon as the green light flashed. Blue Speedster and Red Rocket, the closest of friends, spent the entire day practicing side by side.

As the night fell and the cars retreated to the garage to recharge, Red Rocket found it difficult to doze off. Restlessness overtook him, and he turned to his companion, Blue Speedster, seeking solace. "Are you asleep, Blue Speedster?" Red Rocket inquired. "No, I can't shake off the nerves for tomorrow's race. How about you?" replied Blue Speedster.

"I feel the same way. What can we do? We must be well-rested for the race!" expressed Red Rocket with concern. "Hmm... How about trying some deep breathing exercises? Ready? Let's take a deep breath and count to three. Then, we'll hold the breath for three seconds. Finally, we'll slowly release the breath. We might need to repeat this several times until we feel better. Let's give it a try!" suggested Blue Speedster.

In unison, they embarked on a series of deep, calming breaths. Gradually, after a few minutes, both cars experienced a sense of tranquility and peacefully drifted into sleep. As they dozed off, they dreamed of the exciting moments they would encounter during the race, envisioning the joy and thrill that awaited them.

Q1) What were the cars practicing for?

a) A race b) A picnic c) A party d) A parade

Answer: a)

Q2) Who were the best friends practicing together?

a) Blue Speedster and Red Rocket b) Green Cruiser and Yellow Lightning c) Orange Blaze and Purple Thunder d) Pink Sparkle and Silver Bullet

Answer: a)

Q3) What did Blue Speedster and Red Rocket do to calm their nerves?

a) Took deep breaths b) Drank water c) Listened to music d) Played a game

Answer: a)

Q4) Where did the cars rest for the night?

a) In the racetrack b) In the garage c) In the park d) In the city

Answer: b)

Q5) What did Blue Speedster and Red Rocket dream about?

a) Going on a vacation b) Winning the race c) Having a party d) Meeting new friends

Answer: b) 

Q6) What does the word "maneuvering" mean?

a) Driving slowly b) Driving recklessly c) Driving skillfully d) Driving in a straight line

Answer: c)

Q7) What does the word "recharge" mean?

a) To sleep b) To relax c) To refuel d) To repair

Answer: c)

Q8) What does the word "solace" mean?

a) Comfort or consolation b) Excitement or thrill c) Surprise or astonishment d) Fear or anxiety

Answer: a) 

Q9) True or False: Blue Speedster and Red Rocket were participating in a dance competition.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks - The cars practiced ________ and ________ during their training.

a) braking, accelerating b) singing, dancing c) swimming, running d) reading, writing

Answer: a) 

Unseen passage 11 - Class 10

I'll take care of it on my own! I thought to myself as I angrily walked away. My friends and I had a plan to create the most amazing cardboard town for us to play in. We had gathered boxes and were transforming them into stores, playgrounds, and many other exciting things. However, things weren't going smoothly between us. As I distanced myself, I overheard their conversation. "I didn't expect him to get so upset," Katie remarked. "This was meant to be enjoyable," added Max. "Johnny can't do everything alone. Perhaps if we give him some space, he'll want us to help again." Yeah, right. Since it was my idea, I would just handle it without their assistance. The only issue was that I wanted it all done before Thanksgiving, so I could proudly showcase it to my family when they visited.

As Thanksgiving approached, about two weeks away, I realized that the task was just too massive for me to tackle alone. Building the cardboard buildings, arranging them in the town, and decorating each one was taking forever. That's probably why people work together. When we each had a role to play, the project became enjoyable and progressed much faster. Maybe I should apologize to Katie and Max. They were only trying to help and have fun with me.

The following day at school, I approached Katie and Max and offered my apology. "I don't know why I got so angry. Building the town was meant to be a fun activity. Would you both come back to my house today to complete our town?" I asked. "Sure, Johnny," they replied. We all took on different roles, and in no time, the town was finished. It was a tremendous accomplishment!

Q1) What were the children making with the cardboard boxes?

a) A race track b) A dollhouse c) A cardboard town d) A spaceship

Answer: c)

Q2) Why did Johnny initially decide to work on the town by himself?

a) He wanted to impress his family. b) He didn't trust his friends' abilities. c) He wanted to complete the project faster. d) He wanted to prove his independence.

Answer: a)

Q3) Why did Johnny realize he needed his friends' help?

a) The task was too challenging to complete alone. b) He felt lonely and missed their company. c) He realized his friends were more skilled. d) He wanted to teach them a lesson.

Answer: a)

Q4) What event was Johnny hoping to finish the town before?

a) Halloween b) Thanksgiving c) Christmas d) New Year's Eve

Answer: b)

Q5) How did Johnny feel after apologizing to Katie and Max?

a) Relieved b) Anxious c) Disappointed d) Excited

Answer: a) 

Q6) What does the word "transforming" mean?

a) Creating b) Destroying c) Changing d) Organizing

Answer: c)

Q7) What does the word "progressed" mean?

a) Stayed the same b) Regressed c) Moved forward d) Stopped

Answer: c)

Q8) What does the word "accomplishment" mean?

a) Failure b) Challenge c) Success d) Obstacle

Answer: c) 

Q9) True or False: Johnny realized that working together makes tasks more enjoyable and efficient.

Answer: True

Q10) Fill in the Blanks MCQ - Completing the town with Katie and Max was ________ and it allowed the project to be finished ________.

a) exciting, quickly b) challenging, slowly c) boring, eventually d) difficult, efficiently

Answer: a) 

Unseen passage 12 - Class 10

Emily and her friend Lily were playing at the playground. They were supposed to be taking turns on the swing. Emily counted to 100 while Lily was on the swing. Lily didn't get off the swing.

"Lily! I counted to 100, it's my turn!" said Emily.

"You counted too fast, it's still my turn," Lily said.

Emily was upset. She wanted a turn on the swing too! What could she do? Emily could tell the teacher, but her teacher always wanted them to try to solve the problem first. What could she try?

She decided to try using an "I message". That means to tell the other person how you're feeling, why you feel that way, and what they can please do to make it better.

"Lily, I feel sad because we were supposed to take turns after 100 seconds. Will you please get off?" Emily asked. Finally, Lily got off the swing. Emily was happy because she solved her problem all by herself!

Q1) What were Emily and Lily supposed to do at the playground?

a) Slide down the slide b) Swing on the swing c) Climb on the monkey bars d) Play on the seesaw

Answer: b)

Q2) Why was Emily upset?

a) Lily didn't count to 100 b) Lily didn't want to share the swing c) Emily didn't get a turn on the slide d) Emily didn't want to play with Lily

Answer: b)

Q3 What did Emily decide to try to resolve the problem?

a) Telling the teacher b) Asking Lily to count to 100 c) Using an "I message" d) Taking another swing

Answer: c)

Q4) What did Emily ask Lily to do?

a) Get off the slide b) Count to 100 again c) Give her a turn on the swing d) Play with her on the seesaw

Answer: c) Give her a turn on the swing

Q5) How did Emily feel after Lily agreed to let her have a turn?

a) Sad b) Angry c) Happy d) Confused

Answer: c)

Q6) What does the word "patiently" mean?

a) Angrily b) Happily c) Calmly

Answer: c)

Q7) What does the word "oversight" mean?

a) A mistake or failure to notice something b) A sudden burst of energy c) A feeling of sadness or disappointment

Answer: a)

Q8) What does the word "resolved" mean?

a) To cause a problem b) To solve or settle a problem c) To create a problem

Answer: b) 

Q9) Emily and Lily were playing at the park. - True/False

Answer: True

Q10) Fill in the Blanks - Emily wanted a ________ on the swing.

a) Turn b) Ride c) Slide

Answer: a) 

Unseen passage 13 - Class 10

Ben and his friend Ethan love to go kayaking in the summer. They each have their own kayak. Ben's kayak is yellow, and Ethan's kayak is red. Whenever it is not raining, they kayak on the small lake in town. They look for fish, turtles, and muskrats when they are kayaking. They also like to see ducks and loons. Sometimes they bring fishing poles with them so they can try to catch fish. Sometimes they just paddle around. They have the most fun when they race each other in their kayaks.

They always pack a lunch. They have a favorite spot on the lake to stop and eat their sandwiches. After lunch, they paddle around the lake some more. Then they stop again to have some cookies.

Even if they can’t spend a full day kayaking, they will go out for at least an hour each day. They really love kayaking.

Now, let's move on to the MCQ questions, vocabulary questions, true/false question, and fill in the blanks question:

Q1) What color is Ben's kayak?

a) Yellow b) Red c) Green d) Blue

Answer: a) Yellow

Q2) What do Ben and Ethan look for when they are kayaking?

a) Birds b) Fish, turtles, and muskrats c) Seashells d) Flowers

Answer: b) Fish, turtles, and muskrats

Q3) What do Ben and Ethan do after having their lunch?

a) Go swimming b) Take a nap c) Paddle around the lake d) Go fishing

Answer: c) Paddle around the lake

Q4) How often do Ben and Ethan go kayaking each day?

a) Once a week b) Once a month c) At least an hour each day d) Only on weekends

Answer: c) At least an hour each day

Q5) What do Ben and Ethan enjoy the most during their kayaking trips?

a) Spotting ducks and loons b) Racing each other in their kayaks c) Catching fish d) Eating cookies

Answer: b) Racing each other in their kayaks

Q6) What does the word "muskrats" mean in the passage?

a) Small aquatic mammals b) Colorful birds c) Type of fish d) Tiny insects

Answer: a) Small aquatic mammals

Q7) What does the word "indulge" mean in the passage?

a) To enjoy something without feeling guilty b) To dislike or avoid something c) To work hard and achieve a goal d) To ignore or neglect something

Answer: a) To enjoy something without feeling guilty

Q8) What does the word "refueling" mean in the passage?

a) Stopping to eat lunch b) Filling up with gasoline c) Taking a short break d) Checking the kayak for any damages

Answer: a) Stopping to eat lunch

Q9) True/False Question: Ben and Ethan go kayaking every day.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks MCQ: Ben and Ethan always pack a __________ for their kayaking trips.

a) Lunch b) Fishing net c) Camera d) Blanket

Answer: a) Lunch

Unseen passage 14 - Class 10

Sarah loves to listen to her brother Max play his guitar. He is 14 years old and has been playing since he was 6 years old. He practices every day, and he is really skilled. Max plays country music and rock and roll.

Sarah enjoys the country songs the most. She takes great pleasure in watching Max strum the chords and listening to the wonderful country sounds he creates. Sarah dreams of taking guitar lessons so she can play as well as Max does. "Mom, can I take guitar lessons?" Sarah asks.

Her mom responds, "Playing the songs that Max plays requires a lot of hard work. Are you sure you have enough time to dedicate to practice?"

Considering all her favorite activities, Sarah is unsure. She loves her ballet classes, her art classes, and her chess club. Sarah realizes that if she wants to play the guitar, she may have to give up another activity to make time for practice. She is uncertain about which activity she would be willing to let go of because they all hold great importance to her.

For now, Sarah decides to continue enjoying her brother's guitar playing.

Q1) What is the name of Sarah's brother?

A) Max B) Jake C) Ethan D) Liam

Answer: A) 

Q2) How long has Max been playing the guitar?

A) 10 years B) 5 years C) 15 years D) 20 years

Answer: B) 

Q3) What type of music does Max play?

A) Classical B) Jazz C) Country D) Pop

Answer: C) 

Q4) What does Sarah want to do?

A) Take guitar lessons B) Become a painter C) Join a ballet class D) Stop listening to her brother play guitar

Answer: A) 

Q5) What does Sarah decide to do for now?

A) Give up her ballet classes B) Continue enjoying her brother's guitar playing C) Take up painting D) Join a chess club

Answer: B) 

Q6) What does the word "strum" mean?

A) Sing loudly B) Play chords on a guitar C) Dance gracefully D) Draw pictures

Answer: B) 

Q7) What does the word "dedicate" mean?

A) Forget about something B) Spend time on something C) Play a musical instrument D) Watch a movie

Answer: B) 

Q8) What does the word "enjoying" mean?

A) Loving B) Disliking C) Avoiding D) Hiding

Answer: A)

Q9) True or False: Sarah decides to give up her ballet classes to make time for guitar practice.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks - Sarah loves to ________ to her brother's guitar playing.

A) dance B) listen C) sing D) draw

Answer: B) 

Unseen passage 15 - Class 10

Zach was diligently working on cultivating crops for himself and his neighbors. The crops were floating, and as he walked by each plant, he used his laser to provide them with the necessary care. That part was simple. However, the challenging aspect was the extensive amount of walking it required.

Suddenly, there was a knock on Zach's door. It was his neighbor, Mia, holding a selection of cleaning products. "Hey, Zach! I just finished making some cleaning products. Do you need any?" she inquired.

"Hi, Mia. I certainly do. Can I trade you 4 breakfast plants for a bottle of cleaning spray?" Zach asked.

Mia responded, "I have enough breakfast plants for this week. How about 4 lunch plants instead?"

Zach contemplated, "They need a little more time to grow before I can offer them to you. Would that be alright?"

Mia replied, "I think that's okay. The distance isn't too far for you, is it?"

Zach assured her, "I will bring them over as soon as they are ready, I promise." Mia trusted Zach's words, so she left the cleaning spray with him and returned home.

Later, when Zach arrived with the plants, he engaged in conversation with Mia. "I wish there was a simpler way to obtain and exchange our items. Trading isn't always easy. Sometimes, I don't have enough plants available for trading, or it becomes challenging to agree on the quantity of plants needed for a particular item."

Mia nodded in agreement. Both of them returned home, pondering and yearning for a solution that could ease their lives.

Q1) What is the name of Zach's neighbor?

A) Mia B) Jules C) Emma D) Max

Answer: A)

Q2) How does Zach take care of the plants?

A) He waters them manually B) He uses a laser to provide them with what they need C) He uses cleaning products on them D) He trades them with neighbors

Answer: B)

Q3) What does Mia offer to trade for the cleaning spray?

A) Breakfast plants B) Lunch plants C) Dinner plants D) Dessert plants

Answer: B) 

Q4) Why does Zach need more time before offering the lunch plants?

A) They need more water B) They need more sunlight C) They need more time to grow D) They need more fertilizer

Answer: C)

Q5) What do Zach and Mia wish for at the end of the passage?

A) An easier way to trade items B) More plants to grow C) More cleaning products D) An easier way to water the plants

Answer: A) 

Q6) What does the word "cultivating" mean?

A) Growing or producing crops B) Cleaning household items C) Exchanging items with others D) Decorating the house

Answer: A)

Q7) What does the word "pondering" mean?

A) Thinking deeply about something B) Watering plants C) Making cleaning products D) Walking long distances

Answer: A)

Q8) What does the word "yearning" mean?

A) Desiring strongly or longing for something B) Trading items with neighbors C) Growing crops with lasers D) Exchanging plants for cleaning products

Answer: A)

Q9) True or False: Zach and Mia find trading items to be effortless.

Answer: False

Q10) Fill in the Blanks - Zach was eager to ________ the lunch plants once they were fully grown.

A) trade B) eat C) water D) draw

Answer: A) trade

Mastering Unseen Passages for Class 10

Class 10 Comprehension passages

Tips for Effective Comprehension with Olympiadtester:

To excel in solving unseen passages for Class 10, students can follow these helpful tips provided by subject matter experts at Olympiadtester:

Skim and Scan: Begin by quickly skimming through the passage to get a general understanding of the topic. Then, use scanning techniques to locate specific information or keywords related to the questions.

Identify Keywords: Pay close attention to the keywords in the questions and actively search for them in the passage. This will help you locate the relevant information needed to answer the questions accurately.

Understand the Context: Consider the overall context of the passage, including the main theme, tone, and purpose. Understanding the context will enable you to grasp the author's message effectively. Olympiadtester provides unseen passages specifically designed for Class 10 students to improve contextual understanding.

Make Inferences: Practice making logical inferences based on the information provided in the passage. Use clues from the text and your prior knowledge to draw conclusions and fill in any missing details. Olympiadtester's practice tests include passages that encourage inference-making skills.

Monitor Your Comprehension: While reading the passage, continually check your understanding to ensure comprehension. If something is unclear, go back and reread the relevant parts to gain clarity. Olympiadtester's interactive platform provides immediate feedback and explanations to help you monitor and enhance your comprehension skills.

Regular Practice with Olympiadtester: Enhance your comprehension skills by practicing regularly with unseen passages available on Olympiadtester's platform. These passages are specifically curated to align with the Class 10 curriculum and provide comprehensive practice for better performance in assessments.

    By implementing these strategies and practicing with the resources provided by Olympiadtester, Class 10 students can master the art of solving unseen passages and improve their overall comprehension skills. 

    Benefits - Unseen Passages for Class 10

    At Olympiadtester, we understand the significance of regular practice with unseen passages for Class 10 students. Our platform offers a valuable resource specifically designed to optimize the learning experience and help students excel in their reading and comprehension skills.

    By practicing unseen passages with Olympiadtester, students can:

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    Expand Knowledge: Olympiadtester's unseen passages expose students to diverse topics, themes, and writing styles. Through these passages, students gain new knowledge, broaden their horizons, and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

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