Brain teasers for kids and parents - Spot the differences

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Brain teasers for kids and parents - Spot the differences is a type of puzzle where you must find a set number of differences between two otherwise similar images.  

ic: Spot the differences - 01



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  • and the photo of the mountains are not the same.

    Johan Thomas Jiji on
  • 1.The clocks hands are different.
    2. The things in the plates are not the same.
    3. The handle of the cupboards are of different shapes.
    4. The things in the cupboards are different.
    5. There are 3 bananas n the second picture instead of 2.
    6. There is no needle on the grandma’s head.
    7. The top of the curtains are not the same.
    8. The tongue is not sticking out in the second picture.
    9. The icing of the cakes are different.
    10. There 2 things on the plant in the second picture rather than 1.
    11. The cat is holding a spoon in the first picture and a lollypop in the second picture.
    12. The girl in barefoot in the first picture and wearing socks in the second picture.

    Johan Thomas Jiji on
  • The smiley on the rat’s ear is missing. There are 2 bananas instead of 3 bananas.

    Priyangshu Datta on

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