Amazing facts about life in space for astronauts

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Amazing facts about life in space

Diet and Eating:

  • Astronauts consume specially prepared space food, including items like shrimp cocktail and thermostabilized entrees.

  • The space station has a water recovery system that purifies urine into drinking water for astronauts.


  • Sleep in space can be challenging due to the absence of a natural day-night cycle.

  • Astronauts use sleeping bags and sleep in individual crew cabins.


  • Astronauts exercise for about two hours each day using specialized equipment to counteract muscle atrophy and bone density loss in microgravity.

Fluid Shift and Health:

  • Astronauts experience "fluid shift" in microgravity, causing congestion and a feeling of a head cold as fluids move towards the upper body.

  • Microgravity affects the cardiovascular system, and astronauts perform regular cardiovascular exams to monitor their heart health in space.

Spacewalks and Movement:

  • The lack of atmospheric pressure in space requires astronauts to wear spacesuits for spacewalks, providing life support and protection from the vacuum of space.

  • Spacewalking astronauts experience a stunning view of the Earth below, surrounded by the vastness of space.

Passing Time and Recreation:

  • Astronauts conduct scientific experiments in various fields, contributing to our understanding of life sciences, physics, and materials in space.

  • Astronauts engage in educational outreach, inspiring students worldwide by conducting experiments and lessons that are broadcast from space.

  • Personal hygiene in space involves using no-rinse shampoo, rinseless wipes, and a vacuum toilet system to manage daily activities.

    Communication and Connection:

    • Astronauts communicate with their families through email and video conferences, maintaining a crucial connection with Earth.

    • The lack of gravity in space causes fluids to shift towards an astronaut's upper body, leading to the "moon face" appearance.

    • The view from space is awe-inspiring, and astronauts often share their experiences through social media, providing breathtaking images of Earth.

    • Astronauts experience a sense of camaraderie and often share meals, celebrations, and downtime, creating a unique community in the confined space station environment.

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