IMO Mock tests for Class 4

Olympiadtester's IMO mock tests for Class 4 are an excellent preparation tool for students who want to excel in the Maths Olympiad. Our mock tests provide a real exam-like experience and cover all the topics of the exam. They also include HOT questions that help students qualify for Level 2 of the IMO exam.

Our IMO mock tests for Class 4 are available in both online and PDF formats, providing students with the flexibility to practice at their own pace. 

The questions in our mock tests are designed based on the previous year's Class 4 IMO question papers and the expected pattern in the upcoming Maths Olympiad. This ensures that your child is adequately prepared to tackle the exam questions.

The IMO exam has four sections: Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, Everyday Mathematics, and Achiever's Section. Our mock tests cover all four sections, and our detailed solutions help students understand the underlying concepts.

At Olympiadtester, we pride ourselves on our reputation for producing highly effective mock tests. Our tests have been used by numerous international rankers and gold medalists, making them a highly popular choice among students.

Class 4 IMO Online mock test

Prepare for the Class 4 IMO exam with our online mock test, featuring instant merit certificates for scores over 70%, no negative marking, and score reports with detailed explanations.

After submitting the test, you must check the global scoring pattern. This will benchmark your performance against your global peers. 



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