CBSE Unseen Passage Worksheets - Questions and answers

Comprehension/Unseen passage section constitutes a major part of the CBSE English exam. These unseen passages are meant to test the understanding and grasping power of the students, and they cover 5 to 20 marks in the examination.

Our online unseen passages MCQ worksheets are based on the difficulty level of previous year papers and the expected pattern in the upcoming English exam. We offer comprehension passages for CBSE students from grade 1 to 10.

By practicing with our worksheets, students can improve their reading comprehension skills and score higher marks in the English exam. So, why wait?

Unseen passages - Class 1 to 10

Few tips to solve comprehension  / unseen passages:

  • Read the passage carefully: Make sure you read the passage carefully and understand its meaning. Don't just skim through it.

  • Analyze the questions: Analyze the questions based on the passage and try to understand what they are asking.

  • Look for keywords: Look for keywords in the passage that relate to the question being asked. 

  • Pay attention to context: Pay attention to the context in which the answer is given in the passage.

  • Eliminate options: If you are unsure of the answer, eliminate the options that are clearly incorrect. This will improve the probability of you getting the answer right.

  • Practice: The more you practice unseen passages, the better you will get at them. Practice regularly to improve your reading comprehension skills.



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