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G.K Questions #1-5

  • Q 1) Which type of house is would you normally find in  cold and forest regions?  

    • Houseboat
    • Caravan  
    • Stilt house
    • Wooden


    Q 2) You are aware that Salivary glands produce saliva. Are you aware of it's function?


    • Digestion of food  
    • Purification of blood  
    • Keeping our body warm
    • Keeping our body cool


    Q 3) The famous person in the picture used to study stars, planets, moons and galaxies. Identify him and also share his profession.



    4. An ______________ studies various  aspects of humans within present  and past societies.


    • Archaeologist 
    • Anthropologist  
    • Astronomer 
    • Astrologer 


    Q 5) Oxygen and digested food in our  body react to form _________.

    • Energy
    • Vitamins 
    • Minerals
    • All the above

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