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Questions #1-5

  • Q 1)  Identify the famous Arch in the photo below. In which country is it located? 


    Q 2) _______ is a major post-harvest festival celebrated in Manipur?


    • Kut Festival
    • Tokhu Emong  
    • Nuakhai
    • Hareli  


    Q 3) Which of the following words is not included in the Preamble of the Constitution  of India?


    • Fraternity
    • Liberty  
    • Dignity
    • Justice  


    Q 4) Under the prime ministership of _________________, the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment  Act came into existence. 


    • V. P. Singh
    • Rajiv Gandhi  
    • P.V Narsimha Rao
    • A B Vajpayee 


    Q 5) Identify the famous structure in the picture below. It was built in 1784 to provide employment for people during a severe famine. This monument is in Lucknow. 


    • Chitrakoot
    • Charbagh  
    • Bara Imambara
    • Buland Darwaza  

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