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Amazing Fact for the Day - Titin

  • Today, I am going to post a Fact about the topic - Titin

    What is the Length of Titin ???? What are it's Functions ???

  • @Anirudh Rengarajan 

    Titin is a giant protein  found in vertebrate striated muscles.

    Its length is greater than 1 um..

  • @Vrutti Issrani Very Good !!!!

  • Titin is a large abundant protein of striated muscle. Titin's primary functions are to stabilize the thick filament, center it between the thin filaments, prevent overstretching of the sarcomere, and to recoil the sarcomere like a spring after it is stretched.Titin molecules run along the thick filament and each of its super-repeats spans ~43 nm in length, a distance that coincides with the ~43 nm myosin helical repeat

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