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15 GK Questions - Plants and animals

Q1) Housefly is a/an _______________ animal.

a) Terrestrial

b) Aerial

c) Arboreal

d) Amphibian

Answer: b) Aerial

Explanation: Houseflies are aerial animals, meaning they are adapted to live and move in the air.

Q2) ______________ is the ability of an organism to adjust to its outside environment.

a) Adaptation

b) Habitat

c) Scavenging

d) Arboreal

Answer: a) Adaptation

Explanation: Adaptation is the characteristic feature of an organism to cope with the environmental conditions it inhabits.

Q3) Lice is a

a) Scavenger

b) Parasite

c) Producer

d) Carnivore

Answer: b) Parasite

Explanation: Lice are parasitic insects that live and feed on the blood of their hosts.

30 GK Questions - Me and my surroundings

Q1) What does family teach us?

a) Sharing

b) Help each other

c) Work as a team

d) All of the above

Answer: d) All of the above

Explanation: Family teaches us various values and skills such as helping each other, working as a team, and sharing. These values contribute to the well-being and harmony within the family unit.

Q2) Identify 'X' and 'Y' in the given context:

Family Grandmother 'X' Uncle
Nuclear family Father Children 'Y'

(a) X = Father, Y = Aunt

(b) X = Father, Y = Uncle

(c) X = Uncle, Y = Father

(d) X = Father, Y = Mother

Answer: (d) X = Father, Y = Mother

Explanation: A nuclear family typically consists of a father, mother, and children, while the extended family may include a grandmother and uncle.

Q3) Whenever a fire breaks out, where do we call?

a) Police station

b) Fire station

c) Post office

d) None of these

Answer: b) Fire station

Explanation: When a fire breaks out, we call the fire station for emergency assistance. Fire stations are equipped with firefighting personnel, equipment, and vehicles to respond to fires and provide rescue services.

30 GK Questions - Me and my surroundings


30 GK Questions - Me and my surroundings


30 GK Questions - Me and my surroundings


30 GK Questions - Me and my surroundings


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