Contests for Indian School Students - Wild Wisdom quiz - 2019

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 About the Contest

Contests for Indian School Students - Wild Wisdom quiz - 2019 - Theme

Exploring our planet to see what is going wrong so that we can think of solutions for a better future for the Earth and us!

To help us explore the vast surface of the Earth, scientists study it by dividing it into biomes. Biomes are massive ecological areas, with animals and plants living and adapting to these areas. These are some biomes that scientists have been studying:

Deserts and Grasslands: Deserts are home to some of the most fascinating animals in the world - they survive in harsh desert conditions due to their unique features! And grasslands support grazing animals like deer, which become food for apex predators like lions and tigers.

Freshwater: Freshwater is our planet’s most precious resource - without which, our survival would be impossible. Freshwater not only supports us, but also the millions of creatures that live in its depths.

Oceans: Oceans provide us with food, purify the air and help to regulate our climate. They are vital to our health and the health of the planet!

Forests and Jungles: Forests provide us with many resources, including oxygen, food, paper, building materials, medicines - even chocolate! Forests cause rainfall and filter freshwater. But most importantly, they are the lungs of our planet, and soak up carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Which is why we need to protect them!

Tundra: The icy regions of the Arctic and Antarctic may be frozen and far from us - but whatever happens there, affects us too! Melting glaciers mean rising sea levels near the coast – because we are all connected.

In Wild Wisdom 2019, you will learn about, and be quizzed, on these fascinating biomes and their features.

 Last Date to Apply

July 2019

Awards and Rewards

Exclusive trip with WWF Wildlife experts to a National Park in India

 Who Can Apply?

Open for all Indian Students between Class 3 - Class 8



To APPLY and get more information about the contest, please click below. 

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