Online jigsaw puzzle - Fish - Pufferfish

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In this online jigsaw puzzle for kids, you need to solve the animals fish puzzle on "Pufferfish" within 5 minutes. 

Some interesting facts about Pufferfish:

  • This fish is a carnivore and grows up to 3 feet.
  • It has a toxic substance which is lethal enough to kill 30 adult humans. This poisonous substance make them foul tasting. There is no antidote, yet for this poison.
  • They are clumsy swimmers and to evade predators can inflate themselves into a ball shape to evade predators. 

Instructions - 

  • Click and drag pieces to place them in the puzzle.
  • Correct pieces when placed together will join together.
  • Continue dragging pieces until the puzzle is finished.
  • The faster you finish the puzzle, the higher your score will be.

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