Animals jigsaw puzzle - Mammals - Aardvark

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Online Animals jigsaw puzzle on Mammals - Aardvark can be solved at different difficult levels. 

Interesting facts about the Aardvark:

  • This insectivore has an average life span of 23 years, It weighs between 110 to 180 pounds and grows to a size between 43 to 53 inches.
  • It uses it's large front claws to dig holes at a rate of 2 feet in just about 15 seconds.
  • Though it looks like a pig, it actually shares common ancestors with elephants and golden moles. 
  • It's favorite meal is termites and ants. 
  • It is mostly active at night and tends to live alone. 
  • It is able to see at night, but otherwise has poor vision and is color-blind.

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