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Blood relations are core to the logical reasoning section of CAT and other MBA entrance exams Around 3-4 questions make up its logical reasoning section. This topic is a scoring one if you understand family relations and family tree otherwise it can prove to be messy, confusing and time consuming. 

In this free online course for logical reasoning, you get the following types of blood relation problems: 

  • If A + B means A is the mother of B; A x B means A is the father of B; A $ B means A is the brother of B and A @ B means A is the sister of B then which of the following means P is the son of Q?
  • A has 3 children. B is the brother of C and C is the sister of D, E who is the wife of A is the mother of D. There is only one daughter of the husband of E. what is the relation between D and B?
  • Pointing to a photograph, Swarna says to Leena, "The girl in the photo is the second daughter of the wife of only son of the grandmother of my younger sister." How this girl of photograph is related to Swarna?

    When you go to the free online logical reasoning course, you also get access to tests of other topics like Number Series, Verbal Classification, Analogies, Matching Definitions, verbal reasoning, logical games, statement and assumption, statement and conclusion, cause and effect, logical deduction, letter and symbol series, essential part, artificial language, making judgements, logical problems, analyzing argument, course of action, theme detection, statement and argument. 

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